‘Final Fantasy XV’ Now Has a Shared Universe All Its Own

Last night Square Enix, the company behind the massively popular JRPG series Final Fantasy, came to Los Angeles to finally unveil the release date for their 15th numbered installment in the franchise. Unfortunately Gamespot spilled the beans earlier in the day, accidentally stating the release date would fall on Sept. 30th of this year. Either way, that’s good news right? Thankfully, that was only the cherry on top of the cake for Final Fantasy XV. They dropped the mic over and over, going so far as to announce a whole universe of media surrounding the release of this game. Let’s dig right in.

First off, we got a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV itself. For those that go back that long with the FF series, you’ll know this was a long time coming. A decade of waiting, several name changes later, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII would eventually just be titled XV. Here’s the latest trailer (with an odd inclusion of Florence + the Machine’s cover of ‘Stand By Me’).

Before we get into some of the other installments in the Final Fantasy XV universe, let’s look at a special demonstration on XV’s incredible environments, showing off not only a stellar graphics engine, but also some awesome worldbuilding.

Next we got a glimpse at a new 5-part anime series called Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood that delves into Noctis’ group of friends, so you can get to know the characters with greater depth before the game arrives in September. Watch the trailer (or if you’d like, watch the first full episode here for free). The animation looks a bit cheap, but really, who’s complaining?

After having my mind blown with that, we got our first look at Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive, which follows another group of individuals and apparently runs concurrently to FFXV. Sean Bean, Lena Headey, and Aaron Paul were introduced to the audience as voice actors. Look at how incredible the animation is. This is perhaps the most impressive look at a full-CGI, feature length film we’ve ever seen.

Afterwards we got to enjoy a look at one of the new mini games that have become so popular within the Final Fantasy gameplay experience. It’s called Justice Monsters Five and is modeled after arcade games mixed in with pinball. And best of all, this can be played directly from your mobile device, taking the FFXV experience on the go.

Last, but certainly not least, they announced a new playable demo, showcasing the mechanics of the game – but showing you how to play through the eyes of young Noctis. Beating the demo will unlock a special ingame DLC for the actual game arriving in September. Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo is available to play now, for free, on both the PS4 and Xbox One. The gameplay looks and feels like Kingdom Hearts, so if that’s up your alley (which its certainly up mine) get it! Check out the trailer.

Honestly guys? I don’t know what I’m excited for more. What do you guys think? Will you be dipping into the world of Final Fantasy XV this year?

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14 thoughts on “‘Final Fantasy XV’ Now Has a Shared Universe All Its Own

  1. Going to look for the demo, would be great to get a try at it! Whatever way this title goes, I hope it turns out to be a unique and wonderful experience!

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  2. I’ve been looking for a reason to dive back into the Final Fantasy series with open arms. I’m cautious, but still can’t help but be at least a little hype over this. Hope this all delivers on the fun it seems to promise.

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    1. FFXIV is all the reason you need! Excellent game with a compelling story and, unlike some other game companies out there, SquEnix has provided several free content updates along with one paid expansion.

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      1. Yeah I’ve actually wanted to check that out as well as Type 0. I have a few buddies that absolutely love XIV, and swear it’s SquareEnix at their best. So I may dive into that soon before XV.

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  3. Okay, NOW I’m geeking out! I’m totally a Final Fantasy freak, but have purposely avoided watching to much about this game (spoilers ruined the best parts of FFVII for me back in the day).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. SquEnix has really been upping the ante in 3D animation. It’s a shame their first film killed their movie studio, but they seem to have been doing well without it, seeing as how Advent Children was spectacular visually and fairly well written. Really looking forward to this, but now that means I will have to scrounge up for a PS4!


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