There’s an Upcoming Doctor Who Spin-off Called Class

On the 4th of April, BBC Three revealed the cast of it’s upcoming Doctor Who spin-off called Class (2016).  The announcement video is below.

Honestly, until I saw this video, I had no idea a Doctor Who spin-off was on the way, and I was very surprised. As a Whovian, I am always excited at the idea of discovering a new side of the Whoniverse, but I am not sure just yet what to think about Class.

My main concern is that, as a Young Adult TV show, it might not have the same Doctor Who spirit we know and love, that it might steer away too much from its mother show. Of course, as a spin-off, it has to have something a little different about it, but I hope that we will get more than just an occasional reference to some Doctor Who events.

It is too early to say, though. I cannot wait for the first trailer to come out and provide some much needed clarifications.

What do you think, fellow Whovians? Are you somewhat excited?

6 thoughts on “There’s an Upcoming Doctor Who Spin-off Called Class

  1. I remember the day this was announced. It was 1st October 2015, and @bbcdoctorwho tweeted that there’d be some exciting news that night. Of course, when it turned-out Patrick Ness was writing a YA spin-off series set in Coal Hill School, the reaction was generally of disappointment, given how hyped-up the announcement had been. I’ll watch the first episode, at least.

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  2. I missed most of the Sarah Jane Adventures because SyFy only aired the first series, and BBC America never picked it up… it was definitely a lighter tone, but I liked Elisabeth Sladen so it worked for me. I don’t know about this show… If it gets picked up here, I’ll watch… but I get the impression that no actual characters except the “character” of the school itself are here, so I wonder how much Doctor Who there will actually be in it.

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  3. Difference in tone is not uncommon for Doctor Who spin-offs — Torchwood skewing for a much older audience and The Sarah Jane Adventures skewing for a younger audience, this looks a little in between. Looks like it is going to be a ton of fun!

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