Watch These Promo Videos to Prepare for Captain America: Civil War

Instead of spoiling yourself with all the new scenes and trailers Disney’s released for their upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, check out these four WHIH Newsfront videos that’ll get you in the mindset of the world’s populace prior to the events of Captain America: Civil War. You’ll remember that they did similar videos prior to the theatrical release of Ant-Man!

Are you ready for Civil War?

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8 thoughts on “Watch These Promo Videos to Prepare for Captain America: Civil War

  1. I really like these news thingies. Thanks for sharing!
    I’ve seen the one(s?) for Ant-Man and the third one from these before, but didn’t know they made more.

    The conflict between the two news reporter reflects the tone and concept of the movie quite well and I really enjoy the nods to other stuff in the newsfeed at the bottom (strange sighting of ant-like creatures, Pym Tech picking up trade again, Doctor Stephen Strange revealing new medical techniques to save lifes, an attack on the ATCU, Hulk being missing… ). Though the fourth clip is giving quite a bit away, but at least not the biggest twist of the sequence. 😉

    I’m looking forward to your review for the movie, I watched it last Sunday and quite enjoyed the change in tone and narration. 🙂

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      1. My eyes are always drawn to the moving letters, so that’s where I first looked when the clips started. 😀
        But it’s hard to follow the line and the conversation at the same time…

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