Oathbringer, Book 3 of The Stormlight Archive Is Coming

Oathbringer, book 3 of Brandon Sanderson’s popular fantasy series, The Stormlight Archive is in sight! Our tireless writing-robot Mr. Sanderson is deep into writing his next title, which is currently marked as being 52% complete on his personal site. While we’ve been impatiently waiting, the Sandman has had no problem confirming or denying fan theories and answering fans questions. While he says he never wants to give away anything that could be considered a spoiler of any sort, there’s a lot we can learn about the upcoming entry.

Heavy spoilers for the first two Stormlight Archive books (as well as some minor spoilers for other Cosmere books) to follow!

So what can we expect of the third Stormlight book? Sanderson has described it as “crazy” and the teasers we’ve received so far have left those elements hidden. We DO have the Everstorm on the loose, the massive counter current nimbus of doom that’s bringing the Voidbringers back to Roshar. In the first snippet we received of the book, we follow Kaladin as he arrives back in Hearthstone after the Everstorm tore through it. Although we don’t learn much in that first preview it does confirm the Everstorm is very much on the rampage, and with it, the Voidbringers. If we look at the transformation of the Pashendi at the end of Book 2 we can assume this is a rapid process, it’s hard not to imagine that Roshar will be embroiled in a one sided war with Odium’s forces. Quite the trial by fire for our new Radiants.

The primary character backstory we’ll follow in this book will belong to Dalinar. The second excerpt we received was the first chapter of this backstory and showcased Dalinar as the Blackthorn, the fearsome warrior of days past we’ve heard only legends about. In the excerpt, Dalinar recruits an archer who was sent to assassinate him, interestingly this man has a blue tattoo on the side of his face, the symbol of the Oldbloods. So far we’ve only met one other man from this ancient order of lords, Teleb, Dalinar’s trusted officer and Shardbearer who unfortunately met his end in the last book. Most likely they’re the same man. Could we be learning more about this secretive group through Dalinar’s flashbacks?

Dalinar will also have a very interesting role in the present day story now that he’s a Bondsmith, an Order of Radiants we don’t know that much about. Brandon has said that there has been only three known Bondsmiths, and we know of three Shards on Roshar, Honor, Cultivation, and Odium. Coincidence? Probably not. Sanderson has said that Dalinar now has a direct way to communicate with the Stormfather, Honor’s cognitive shadow. He also said that as a result of this we’ll get an explanation as to the Stormfather’s relationship to the Highstorms and more.

The first working title for the book was Stones Unhallowed, and then Skybreaker. We also know that the backstory was originally supposed to be Szeth. Stones Unhallowed refers to the Shin, in case you don’t remember, and the Skybreakers are the Order of Radiants whose Herald, Nalan, resurrects Szeth at the end of the last book. When this occurred, Szeth had also lost Jezrien’s Honorblade (the reason he had Windrunner powers in the first place) and was then presented with Nightblood, the sentient crazy sword from Warbreaker. Interestingly in the recently released Stormlight Archive Pocket Companion Szeth is listed as a Skybreaker! Somehow, Sezth will gain the powers of a Skybreaker, possibly from wielding Nightblood. This order fits in well with his personality, an Order that puts law above anything else, similar to how Szeth obeys any order given him without question. Funny enough, the Order has historically had problems with the Windrunners, so we’ll likely get to see that rivalry between Kaladin and Szeth continue to play out.

Other things we know:

  • We’re going to learn what’s up with the Nightwatcher (likely the cognitive shadow of Cultivation for reasons). We’ll also get a physical description of the Nightwatcher, maybe even an illustration, as Sanderson said that he hopes someone will do a cosplay of the character.
  • The Stormlight novella will focus on Lift (Seen in book two and a major character in the final five books). This novella will be released with the upcoming Cosmere collection, titled Arcanum Unbounded, arriving later this year.
  • The novel will not feature the Ghostbloods as heavily as the last one.
  • Possibly less of a focus on the Cosmere, as Sanderson has since expressed worry that the series would be overshadowed by greater Cosmere happenings. So don’t expect Sazed to show up.
  • Adolin fans need not despair, Sanderson has said his actions at the end of the last book very much fall in line with how a few Radiant Orders would’ve acted in the same situation. Adolin, while dark, is still on the side of the good guys. As far as we know.

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15 thoughts on “Oathbringer, Book 3 of The Stormlight Archive Is Coming

  1. Sanderson is an incredible writter. I believe stormlight archive is as epic as they come, in this he reminds me of my friend Erikson the Malazan. Looking forward to storm Oathbringer. Hopefully sooner, than I expect.


  2. Your whole breakdown is BS! First off, it can’t be Nightblood. I’m a big fan of Sandman and I love both stories. But they can’t share the same sword. They can’t because the whole system of magic is different between the two stories. In WarBreaker, they use BioChromatic Breath and Awakening to enchant inanimate objects to life; in the Stormlight Archive, they use Stormlight. Can’t just switch paradigms and keep the same sword, just wouldn’t be right. In both stories, they’ve transfigured a human / humanesque soul into a sword, which is probably where the confusion comes from. I’m more interested in how the blade that is given to Szeth is inky black like the stone Gavilar had on him when he was murdered. Is it from the Nightwatcher?

    Also, I have no idea what you mean when you write, “Brandon has said that there has been only three known Bondsmiths, and we know of three Shards on Roshar, Honor, Cultivation, and Odium. Coincidence? Probably not.” WTF???? There are more shards on Roshar than three; there are as many shards as there are shardbearers, right? Why are you calling Honor a shard? Honor binds things together AND windrunners and bondsmiths share that attribute. Cultivation is not a shard either, it is a power that Lift can use (like how Kaladin can use Surges to fly). Odium is the main antagonist, not a shard. Figure it out. Geez Geekritique! live up to your name


    1. The shards here refer to the 16 splintered Shards of Adonalsium, and the three Shards in the Roshar system are Honor, Cultivation, and Odium. Other Shards include Preservation and Ruin in Scadrial, and Endowment in Nalthis.

      The sword has been confirmed to be Nightblood. Also, Breath and Stormlight are different forms of Investiture, and Nightblood can fueled with other forms of Investiture,

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    2. So you know Vasher, like one of the main characters of Warbreaker, is actually a character in The Stormlight Archive as well? He’s even directly named.


  3. Oh my gods, I thought it was Nightblood at the end of the book! Freaked the freak out of my sister when I screamed, lol


  4. Great post! I am so excited for book 3 and anything else we get out of Sanderson. I had never made the connection of Nightblood in WoR having read Warbreaker after. Blew my mind and threw my phone. Thanks


    1. Me too, Sanderson obviously has big plans for the character in the immediate future so maybe he’ll do another shakeup for book four changing the backstory from Eshonai to him. I know I’d enjoy that. Currently there is an open spot in book five which originally was supposed to be titled The Highprince of War and feature Dalinar’s backstory.

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  5. Sanderson is knocking it out of the park so consistently. Yes of course, everyone’s mileage may vary, and I’ve even heard people speak of Mistborn or Stormlight Archives in disparaging terms.

    …I doubt the authorities will ever find the bodi–uh, I mean, thanks for reminding me about how exciting this next book is going to be!

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    1. Haha, I’ve run into these strange people too! I’ve only met them through the internet so far unless… unless my friends are afraid to admit it to me.. hmmm

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  6. The nice thing about Sanderson is he is 51% ahead of GRR Martin, lol. I need to go read the first two books in this series again, so good. I might do that when we actually have a publish date.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve just started rereading myself in preparation for the novella later this year, hopeful we’ll get a publish date in the next few months!

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