Star Trek Beyond Gets a Better Second Trailer

Check out the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond, the upcoming third installment in Paramount’s alternate universe Star Trek series:

Well, first thoughts? I’m still not sold on the new film, which is being directed by Fast & Furious director Justin Lin. The first trailer felt like a Fast & Furious film, and though this sort of caters more to Star Trek fans, it still doesn’t have that sense of wonder and exploration.

But Star Trek on film has always been a bit brainless. It’s really easy to point the finger at the new films as particularly un-Trek, but if we’re being fair there has really only been one great film, a handful of good ones, and the rest aren’t worth the time to watch. Star Trek has always been at its best on TV, which is why I’m so excited about the new show.

How about you guys?

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9 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond Gets a Better Second Trailer

  1. I’m not sorry, but I have always been a trekkie girl at heart like my daddy raised me to be! This movie gave me chills. I love seeing the movies remade about Star Trek, I love seeing them re-imagined from their glory days of the seventies and younger. Some may say boo. but I say YEAH!

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  2. It’s interesting, a lot of people say there’s only one truly great Star Trek movie, but they disagree on which one. I’ve heard everything from 2-4 and 6, and now I’ve heard First Contact as well.

    If you ask me, the one truly great Star Trek movie is Galaxy Quest. 😉

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