👍Like Geekritique on Facebook!

So, here goes nothing.

In an ongoing effort to reach a larger audience, I’ve decided to push my content directly onto Facebook. This has proved an incredibly useful tool with Twitter, and now I’ve taken the jump to include Facebook. Much of Geekritique’s viewership comes from people sharing the blog posts onto their feed (which is honestly awesome and I have to thank you guys for all the love).

If you feel so inclined (and hopefully you enjoy my content too), please visit the Geekritique page and Like it! This will allow you to see any posts I put up in your News Feed.

And, y’know, it isn’t mandatory for you to like the page on Facebook, but it’d be doing me a huge favor. I haven’t had a Facebook account since around 2010, so I have no “friends” there to share it with.

Tomorrow’s a review day. Expect book and comic reviews! Goodnight.

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12 thoughts on “👍Like Geekritique on Facebook!

  1. Interesting step, by now I kind of anticipate Blogs to have a FB page, so I was quite surprised to not find one for this Blog, back when I looked it up.

    Just a small hint from someone working with both both Twitter and Facebook.
    I connected Twitter and Facebook both ways, that means whenever I tweet something it appears on my FB page and whenever I post something on FB it is directly tweeted.
    BUT there are a few occasions where this causes a minor glitch.
    E.g. if I tweet something using one of the provided smileys FB sometimes thinks it’s something new (not being able to cope with the smiley) and sends the post back to Twitter making it appear twice on the Twitter Feed.
    It’s annoying, but the second one can be easily deleted.

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  2. Hi… welcome to the madness! I finally jumped onto Facebook last year and also put my Sequential…Journal…Visual page up too. Sometimes the WordPress-to-Facebook automatic push has been glitchy for me so make sure you check whenever you post something to make sure it actually shares! Next time I’m on Facebook, I’ll seek out your Geekritique page and like it with both my personal and the Sequential/Journal/Visual page as well. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you liked me back 🙂

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      1. I was being lazy that second time… it’s the first one “Sequential… Journal… Visual…” Also, if it helps I also liked your page with my page earlier so you should be able to see that too.

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  3. I admire your lack of interest in Facebook. I’m only there because everyone else is, even though I never care for it beyond that. And yet, I’m not on Twitter. Weird.

    But what really enthuses me about facebook.com/Geekritique is the chance to submit links to pages reporting news you might have missed. And then, the other writers on the team could pick them up and run with them. It could really add to this place.

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