Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Those ‘Rogue One’ Reshoots

Earlier today it was announced via a New York Post article that the highly anticipated sequel/prequel/spinoff film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was rumored to be getting reshoots. The rumor had it that these reshoots were expensive, and that the Disney higher ups weren’t very happy.

New light has been shed since then, confirming that, yes, Rogue One would be getting reshoots. Deadline reported that the only screening involved those top execs, as opposed to the notion that there were any test screenings. Apparently these reshoots are set to “lighten the mood,” and “bring some levity into the story,” because it’s currently “tonally off with what a classic Star Wars movie should feel like,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In fact, reports are stating that the first showing was a solid one, but it simply didn’t gel with the rest of the Saga. Deadline went on to report that this won’t affect the film’s December release date.

A Variety writer tweeted “most of the shoot will involve a cameo of a very important character.” Considering that the film is supposed to end 10 minutes prior to A New Hope, that cameo seems pretty likely to be very important.

But let’s take a step back. MOST big films get reshoots. We’re far better off with films that get reshoots than mediocre films that rest on their laurels before arriving in theaters. Reshoots are meant to make films better, and rarely do they ever do otherwise. Unless that film is Fantastic Four, because I can’t imagine something worse than that.

If anything we should be happy that a cut of the film was able to be shown so early. Director Gareth Edwards appears to be way ahead of the game. And from everything we’ve heard, this seems far from the disaster the media made it out to be.

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6 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Those ‘Rogue One’ Reshoots

  1. Also, remember that we’re talking the New York Post here. Not a reputable source. You and I know this as NY’ers, but not everyone who follows your page may be aware of this. Every single thing they write is dripping with a far-right wing agenda. Yes, even their entertainment coverage. This piece may have distorted the news out of an intent to make the filmmakers look inept (strike two in the Post’s eyes, I’m sure someone at the Post is already seething about this film having the unmitigated gall to have a female lead, so soon after Episode VII).

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  2. Great article, nice to see some perspective for once regarding reshoots. It’s weird that people get all hyped up about the prospect of reshoots. Like when Suicide Squad was reportedly in reshoots in response to BvS reaction, despite BvS only coming out a couple of weeks prior! How quickly do people think they can get the cast, crew, locations, set pieces etc set up? It’s crazy that reshoots are seen as such a big deal.

    Look at my favourite films of all time, The Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson famously brought everyone back for pick ups a number of times when principal photography was finished. There’s sections on the behind the scenes special features focusing specifically on the pick ups. I think we can all agree they turned out OK. It’s a totally normal thing to do, I don’t see why people get in such a fuss about it.

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