Would the Big Bang Theory Be Funny Without Laugh Tracks?


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17 thoughts on “Would the Big Bang Theory Be Funny Without Laugh Tracks?

  1. Still funny to me. But like luvtoread mentioned the timing would be different if there weren’t laughter, which would make the whole thing flow better in this format.

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  2. Definitely not as funny, but if they didn’t have a laugh track or live audience, then they also would not have the awkward pauses waiting for laughter in the dialogue which is in the video. With a live audience/laugh track, you don’t notice those pauses. Without that, the dialogue sounds forced and unnatural. No one waits for a laugh track to sound in real life.
    So, if they didn’t have a laugh track/live audience, then they would need to adjust the way they speak and make it more real to life. Then I think it would be as funny.

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  3. They don’t use laugh tracks. They never have. That’s the actual audience. One of the ladies from the Big Bang Buzz podcast has gone to 50+ recordings, and that’s the audience. She has addressed it multiple times in her podcast.
    Also, one reason Bob Newhart chose to be on the Big Bang Theory is that they didn’t use a laugh track like other sitcoms. It was important to him, because he never used a laugh track with The Bob Newhart show. That was in a time where it was almost mandatory to use one.

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    1. They record the audience laughter while taping, but in the editing process they use that laughter to build a laugh track. In television, the term sweetening refers to using a laugh track in addition to a live studio audience.

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