PoodleCorp to Attack Pokemon GO?

A group of “hackers” who call themselves PoodleCorp are planning on doing a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack on Nintendo and The Pokemon Company’s latest app, Pokemon GO. The reason behind doing all this is for the simple reason of “causing chaos” – the group finds it funny to try to shut down big companies servers to try to cause anger and frustration from the company and fans for their personal enjoyment.

This is not the only thing that they have done to disgrace the Internet; they have hacked Youtubers H3H3Productions and Leafyishere, most notably by calling up their cellphone providers and faking as a agent to try to receive their SIM card to be able to access all personal information.

This is the jist of all the things we know at the moment, there is more information with a interview with their leader in a recent DramaAlert video. Their attack is to be on August 1st and will supposedly last all day according to them. We will see if they will DDOS them when the date comes or it is just another problem with the Niantic servers.

Written by: Nolan Rutter

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3 thoughts on “PoodleCorp to Attack Pokemon GO?

  1. I don’t understand people like this. First I don’t understand anyone cutting down people who enjoy such games, and now these people. What’s wrong with letting people just enjoy life? And the fact that this group takes pleasure from angering others like this is just tragic. Why can’t people just let folks be happy?

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    1. I echo your sentiments exactly. I do not understand people who derive pleasure from causing others headache/heartache. Is your life so miserable that you can only garner joy from bringing others down to you level? My husband has had to deal with things like this since Bungie is often subjected to hacker attacks (he plays Destiny…a lot).

      Unfortunately, I know people like this IRL who attempt to make themselves look important by bringing others down, hating on things, etc. I don’t get it at all. I don’t play Pokemon GO (yet), but I fully support anyone who does so. It brings people together; it makes people happy; it’s a positive, fun, and innocent thing in a world that can be so negative. Seriously? Let people be happy.

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