Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Has It’s First Full Trailer

It’s so beautiful! What did you think? Find out what our thoughts were by checking out our reaction video below! (And if you like what you see, please subscribe!)

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11 thoughts on “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Has It’s First Full Trailer

  1. Loved this trailer so much. I have been watching it everyday sense its release. Ive also been watching fan reactions and loved yours too!

    What I really admire about this film is how clean the VFX are this early! Gareth Edwards also has an amazing sense of scale and depth in each shot. The ILM team seems to have this care for designing CGI shots that look like they are actually acting and reacting to practical environments. Its also very cinematic like and well directed for a Star Wars film (not saying that Star Wars films are not cinematic and poorly directed). This could very be the best Star Wars film to date.

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  2. The best thing about this is the visuals. The camera that’s been used is the Arri ALEXA 65, which was also used for Captain America: Civil War.

    This doesn’t give away too much while still managing to generate appeal. It certainly looks to be the most aesthetically-ambitious Star Wars film yet. In fact, the premise of it looks to be similar to Suicide Squad – a group of various characters from across the franchise’s universe being brought together to complete a likely-fatal mission. The running themes can definitely be summed-up with the words “risk” and “danger”. The U-wing looks pretty cool, too. More than any other Star Wars film, Rogue One watches like a war film. Not to mention the music; Alexandre Desplat’s rearrangement of the Imperial March means that this is still definitively a Star Wars film, but different. Especially since this will be harder to market than last time. The Olympics was without a doubt the best choice for revealing a new trailer in terms of ratings.

    Plus, seeing Vadar and the Death Star makes this more obviously a prequel than the last trailer to the audience who’d tuned-in to see Team GB win 🙂

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