Marvel, Doctor Who, the Tokyo Olympics & More Are Discussed in This Week’s 3-Part Episode! 

We here at Geekritique have been experimenting with new ways to bring you great geeky content with or Geek Week News Update. Our video for last week came out to be a whopping 36+ minute video! That was clearly too long. But we were very excited to have recently hit 500 subscribers on YouTube and we had a ton to talk about.

So we came to the decision to split the show into multiple parts, depending on how much we had to go over. It was a TON of work getting all the videos filmed, edited, uploaded, and connected, to be pushed out in quick succession – but I believe the quality is far better than anything we have yet done. Heck, we actually have an end card now!

If you’d like to check out this week’s 3-part episode, I encourage you to share your thoughts. All feedback helps us gauge our strengths and weaknesses. We hope you learn plenty, and we’d love to engage you in our discussion. We do miss some news – we didn’t even get to speak about the Hugo Awards – but I’m sure there’s still plenty of content to enjoy.

Episode 7a: Naming Planets After Subscribers in NO MAN’S SKY!

We discuss our love for the Classic Doctor Who story, Remembrance of the Daleks! We talk about the new $800 Middle-earth boxset! And we name planets after some of our commenters in No Man’s Sky!

Episode 7b: Major MCU Spoilers! Will Thor: Ragnarok Visit [REDACTED]?

We talk all about the latest in Marvel news, much of which could and should be deemed very spoilery. Watch at your own peril, and enjoyment (hopefully).

Episode 7c: The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Need More Pokémon!

In our final portion of our episode 7 coverage we chat about the 2020 Olympics trailer we were given, which will no doubt prove to be the geekiest Olympics yet. We react to the latest Pokémon revealed from Sun and Moon version, Turtonator. We also gush about Blizzard’s latest Overwatch short, The Last Bastion.

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5 thoughts on “Marvel, Doctor Who, the Tokyo Olympics & More Are Discussed in This Week’s 3-Part Episode! 

  1. (I heard you mention “Doctor Who”, so I crawled out from under my rock.)

    Watching An Unearthly Child can be a weird experience because sometimes it’s easy to forget that Doctor Who even has a first episode, and what that must’ve been like. But it’s a good place to start Classic Doctor Who because it takes the same approach as Rose – introducing the audience to the ordinary characters, and then introducing them to the Doctor. It’s the following three episodes that can be a bit challenging.

    Now, Remembrance of the Daleks is fan-freaking-tastic, apart from the way those episodes weren’t processed, so it looks like behind-the-scenes footage. The thing about Sylvester McCoy is that he started as a fictional character. Percy Kent-Smith (as he was originally known) joined The Ken Campbell Roadshow as a comedy stuntman who’d stuff ferrets up his trousers. And this stuntman character was named Sylveste McCoy, which became Sylvester McCoy. He was cast because the BBC wanted someone more like Patrick Troughton. Personally, I find McCoy to try too hard, in the same way as Matt Smith; everything became a branded gimmick – the ? motifs are the “bow-ties are cool” of their day. But he became more tolerable as he grew into it. It’s just a shame he never got the chance to fully develop. Also – the novelisation is like the Ultimate Edition; it enhances so much. And it’s already one of the most exciting serials there’s been, given it’s basically a trench warfare thriller in London, with the Daleks being used as one-man tanks like they’re supposed to be.

    But there is that one other matter: how in the freaking blueberry Hell did you get press passes? I guess there must be some sort of team that finds local blogging sites or something, I dunno. It’s not as if I’d be going to NYCC anyway (although I did once go to Sheffield Comic-Con, where I met Paul McGann and he gave me a thumbs-up, he’s such a nice man). I think that you can expect to see a trailer for the Christmas special, as well as a title. But also, something else is coming this weekend regarding that fiftieth anniversary coming-up on 5th November. I’m not saying what, but you’ll either get that reference or you won’t. I’m just really hoping that I’m right with this one, and that it’s not just me find a reason to believe my own fantasies. Still, if it does happen, you’ll be able to witness it first hand. And speaking of the Daleks, if you only knew The Power…

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      1. Here’s what happened:
        someone posted an animated segment of The Power of the Daleks on YouTube, and posted that on the forums. Paul Vanezis from the BBC Restoration Team then took it down for “copyright purposes”. But others had downloaded it and kept re-uploading it, which were then claimed by BBC Worldwide. Now, BBC Worldwide have gone on record as only animating a serial if half of its episodes already exist. Every scene in those animations were only from three of the six episodes. Audio extracts were uploaded without video and weren’t claimed. Video extracts were uploaded without audio and were claimed, so it’s only the animation that they want to stop leaking, which heavily implies that it’s genuine. The only poster – Farfrombeingallover – has a Linkdin account claiming that he’s an animator for BBC Worldwide. At the same time as this, the Doctor Who Appreciation Society said that an important announcement is going to be made soon. Plus, Philip Morris (who recovered The Enemy of the World and The web of Fear is appearing at another convention this weekend). And then there’s Patrick Troughton’s inaugural anniversary on 5th November.

        So there’s that.

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    1. I have always liked An Unearthly Child. It’s a great start to a sci-fi mystery series that quickly goes from ordinary to extraordinary. 10,000 BC and the other two caveman eps I can totally live without. That said, I also love McCoy. Perhaps to a fault. I don’t think he’s overacting. I think he’s genuinely playing himself. And there are a number of his stories I truly love, like Remembrance. Greatest Show in the Galaxy is also a strong one. I met Peter and Colin at Con’s past, which was awesome. There appears to be a large Who show-up this year. Press pass I simply signed up for. Have gotten denied the past two years. They let us in this year haha. And please… Tell me they found Power.

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