Full Interviews with the Cast & Crew of The Expanse

Season 2 of Syfy’s hit space opera, The Expanse, will arrive in January 2017, while the first season makes it’s way to Netflix come November 3rd. At New York Comic Con this past weekend, we had the chance to sit down and ask the cast and crew some candid questions about what to expect from the second season, as well as what the journey thus far has been like on the program.

The writers of the series, Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham, spoke about how, for the sake of adapting novels to television, some plots will eventually begin to overlap. “Last season we brought in Avasarala early, because we really wanted to see what was happening on Earth. It’s part of the story – she just wasn’t one of the POV characters in the first book, but clearly she existed and was on Earth doing things. And then in season 2 now, the character of Bobbie Draper, a Martian – we’ll start from the very first episode, even though the events in the second book that start her off occur later in the series, so we’ll get to see more of her pre those events. And that sort of thing is going to keep happening.”

Though we didn’t get the chance to see the first episode of the second season, as we were privy to seeing the show’s pilot at NYCC last year, we were given a sneak peek at the show’s second season by means of a fantastic (and sadly exclusive trailer), as well as an action packed scene that included the hull of the Rocinante being breached as it went under fire. All of it looked gorgeous obviously, reiterating the fact that the show is in the right hands.

In true Geekritique fashion, we’re just about a week late in posting these exclusive round table interviews, but bare with us – there’s a ton of really great content and tidbits that the cast and crew divulge. Some minor spoilers do get danced around a bit. And we do apologize for any strong language that may be used in the interviews, but we felt it would detract from the content to either remove them or bleep them out. Enjoy! Oh, and if you support what we do, please subscribe to our new YouTube channel!

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