Getting Shaved to Look Like Tony Stark at NYCC 2016

Well, it took me all weekend to grow my stubble long enough to be shaped properly, but I did it. The wonderful people at Marvel wanted to shave me to look like popular characters from their comics and films. I’ve never been shaved properly before, so naturally I couldn’t resist.

Now, it must be said that I truly do hate the feeling of being unshaven. My hair grows in all directions and it’s just a pain all around. So after they shaped me up to look like Tony Stark, I asked our kind barber to shave me clean.

The OneBlade, which was the razor they used to shape me up and shave me down, by Philips Norelco will be making its film debut in Doctor Strange, so have your Eye of Agamotto peeled to the screen for that particular bit of product placement. They gifted me a sample of the blade and I’ve been loving it so far. It’s a clean shave, doesn’t require water or lather, and is quite thorough. One of the best things I scored at Comic Con if I dare say so.

Who else is looking forward to Doctor Strange as much as we are?

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