The Many Flavors of Kristen Cumings Unique Artform – NYCC 2016 Interview

Over the course of 4 days at New York Comic Con, you see many different things. It’s visual overload for many, being barraged by beauty and oddity in equal measure. But it’s rare that the odd ever mixes in with the beauty, which is why it was such a pleasure to stumble upon the Jelly Belly booth. Artist Kristen Cumings has made some fascinatingly tasty career choices when it comes to her art. I think you’ll agree, paintings don’t get any more flavorful than this:

Her Wonder Woman piece took her all 4 days to complete, and it came out beautifully. She made it using over 12,000 Jelly Beans. That’s more than I plan on eating in a lifetime personally. She’s created some truly stunning pieces over the years -many of which you can find here on her site. We interviewed her during the last hour of the convention, and though she was exhausted, her love for work shone through.

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