YOLO Rush – Resurrecting the Puzzle Game Genre

Match 3 gameplay can be relatively difficult to keep exciting, especially when most games of this style have the same exact gameplay. Fortunately, YOLO Rush does a stellar job at resurrecting the genre by incorporating fighting gameplay into the usual mix of exceptionally colorful graphics and energetic action. That addition breathes new life into the seemingly repetitive gameplay of match 3 puzzle games.

After you’re introduced to YOLO Rush’s features through a friendly and informative tutorial, you’re left to experience the match 3 gameplay on your own: There are two core modes to explore; a single-player campaign mode dubbed “Egg World” and an online multiplayer “Arena Mode”.

In Egg World, you start off by playing a series of match 3 games with computer enemies with your pre-selected hero, the Lazy Sheep. Each match takes place in food-based lands like “Buns Land” and “Sushi Land”, each with their own signature bosses to fight against. Each of the different worlds is brought to life with a rainbow of bright characters and scenes with explosive animations that really bring your battles to life. As you continue to defeat more and more enemies, additional animal heroes join your gang, each with their own strengths.

Each match is totally energetic and constantly keeps you on your feet with lightning-fast gameplay. Each match you make contributes to defeating the enemy. Match 3 eggs to damage the enemy, or match more than 3 eggs together to create different types of bombs, depending on how you match your eggs. The more eggs you destroy, the greater the damage you inflict on your enemy. However, the enemy is also capable of attacking you, so you have to be quick to take them out first or else you’ll be left in the dust.

With each enemy that you defeat, you’re rewarded with jewels and airplane tickets, which can both be used to unlock more lands to visit. Consequently, after each match 3 game your chosen hero will need to cool down, allowing you to choose a new hero from your roster to play with. Each hero also comes with their own stats and can be leveled up by winning matches with them.

Single-player battles aren’t the only way to power up your heroes, though. You can also take the battle into the online Arena mode, where you can fight against other players from around the world. By winning matches, you’ll increase your hero’s rank and prepare to take on bigger and badder bosses in the Egg World.

Like many other match 3 games, YOLO Rush offers a selection of special items that you can use to aid you in tough situations, like a rocket that turns multiple eggs into bombs. Meanwhile, the meticulous leveling system will always have you coming back to play against other online opponents.

YOLO Rush brings a new and exciting aesthetic to the match 3 genre by incorporating fast and rewarding fighting gameplay and beautiful, cartoonish graphics into the classic puzzle formula. So if you’re looking for a new and exciting match 3 game that offers a little bit more, then YOLO Rush is the game for you.

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