13 Actors Who Could Be the 13th Doctor + 1 More Who Might Already Be Cast in the Role

In conjunction with our previous article about the BBC’s strange reuse of footage that isn’t there’s to use in a 13th Doctor tease, we’ve recorded a video going in depth into 13 actors (+1) that are being thrown around as potentially Playing the 13th Doctor.

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5 thoughts on “13 Actors Who Could Be the 13th Doctor + 1 More Who Might Already Be Cast in the Role

  1. Having Doctor Who morph into a different racial/ethnic appearance, doesn’t bother me if he ‘acts’ like the Doctor. HOWEVER, I really object to having the Doctor morph into a woman (and I am a woman). If some fans want a female, Gallifreyan time-traveler, than they should write a spinoff. Doctor Who has always referred to himself as a male. What is so wrong about that?!?! Come on people!


  2. I agree with you, as soon as I saw Irene Adler I’m like she looks too much like Missy. And honestly would be more fitting for that part. Though Moriarty would be kind of hilarious. What I heard, folks though Ron Weasley would be cool because the Doctor always wanted to be a red head. I do kind of like the idea on some of them though of bringing another character back as the Doctor, which kind of looks into where he does get his faces from. But Tom Ellis is on Lucifer, which has been renewed, but maybe they’re hoping by number 15 he’ll be able to do it. I’d love for him to do it, but I’d rather Lucifer keep going.


  3. Although I agree that Tom Ellis has the look at the acting chops, the fact that Lucifer has already been renewed for a 3rd season. Even though I see becoming the next Doctor as a step up from his lead in the controversial Fox show, I don’t see them firing him (or him quitting) from one of Fox’s top rated shows.
    I just don’t see it.

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  4. I thought of some of the same names. Didn’t think of Tom Ellis but I could see that working. Interesting to see that clip you showed. I haven’t seen that before in the UK. Another name that I would suggest is Alexander Vlahos. He played Mordred in Merlin. He also does a lot of the Big Finish audios in the UK. Like both of you I will be looking forward to seeing who it is.


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