In-depth Frame-by-Frame Analysis of The Last Jedi Teaser

If you missed it (ha, I know right?), be sure to check out our first look at the upcoming eighth installment in the Star Wars episodic saga. Besides the fact that it’s sure to bring in well over a billion for Disney, it looks set to be a crowd pleaser. If The Force Awakens polarized audiences with its over-familiarity with the original trilogy, The Last Jedi appears ready to knock fandom on its back, and give us another vantage point to look at the galaxy, the Force, and our main protagonists. Because if this teaser tells us anything, it’s that the Jedi are truly done after Luke has his say.

Now, the irony of it all is found in that, while the TLJ trailer paints a totally different side to the saga than we received with TFA, the teasers are almost exactly the same. The shock scene where our protagonist is frantically gasping for precious oxygen. The specially recorded narration. Even the intriguing shot of Luke and R2 appears to be the same flashback sequence we received in the TFA teaser, just shot from a different angle.

And the parallels are really neat. I would be disappointed if they didn’t attempt to do something similar with the Episode IX teaser in a few years. But there’s a lot we can dissect from this, because it follows to a T the theory we’ve been anticipating months prior to it all. Watch our in-depth analysis of it all below, and let us know your thoughts. Spoilers though, we believe we know the outcome to the entire trilogy.

One thought on “In-depth Frame-by-Frame Analysis of The Last Jedi Teaser

  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing as far the theory of the jedi order being a self-perpetuating prophecy. Light can’t exist without dark. I hope this is the direction they go in, bringing a new order in that embraces both sides.

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