The New Han Solo Film Title Is Dumb, and Here’s Why

Yesterday we were gifted a bit of light news from the set of the Untitled Han Solo solo film from Ron Howard. In an Instagram video, he revealed to the world what very easily could have been revealed the moment the project was announced over a year ago: it’s title.

And it’s a very bland title: ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Presuming they were waiting this long from telling the world about such a dull title because they hadn’t nailed one down yet is silly. Because we’ve all had to awkwardly fumble around saying and/or typing a variant of the phrase ‘currently untitled Han Solo solo film’ for over a year, when we could have just called it Solo from the get go, and we’d be none the wiser for it. Think about it. What was so hard about revealing this title to us, even if they had potential plans to change it in the future? Had they given us Solo as a placeholder and then ultimately kept the title, that’d be fine. But they didn’t. They essentially trolled us for no particular reason.

But since they didn’t use that as a placeholder, we grow to assume the unannounced title to be at least slightly substantial. Maybe not spoilery in nature, but certainly revealing about a pivotal plot point in the character’s history. Or maybe the title is simply too intriguing, and they don’t want it to detract from the marketing of The Last Jedi. There were a number of solid reasons why Disney and/or Lucasfilm chose to keep the title from us.

Maybe they weren’t sold on the ‘A Star Wars Story’ aspect of it. After all, it really made Rogue One’s full title a bit of a mess. And yet, they need to be able to market this as a Star Wars film for those not quick enough to make the leap on their own.

5 thoughts on “The New Han Solo Film Title Is Dumb, and Here’s Why

  1. But my favorite line is still Han’s
    -“and my friend’s out in it”
    -‘Sir, your ton-ton will freeza…”
    “Then I’ll see you in hell!”

    If only such loyalty still/really existed…


  2. The title reveal was actually not surprising, this was leaked back in the summer right before the original directors were fired. There is a photo of a crew cap featuring that same title. Still, it’s not the most exciting title for the film. Let’s hope the film is better than the title.


  3. I am a big Star Wars fan, but this is a film I am honestly not looking forward too. There is only one Han Solo for me and that is Harrison Ford. He just made this character what it is. I’m not going to lie, of course I am going to watch it, because hey it’s Star Wars. But still, so far I have zero excitement for it 😊

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  4. I don’t know that ‘A Star Wars Story’ really detracted from the title of Rouge One. I mean, it kind of lends to the idea that “this is a story set in the Star Wars universe, but is separate from the 7 main films you are familiar with”. It defines it as part of the lore of the SW universe. I think ‘Solo’ is a straight forward title that gets its point across, whereas something more “flashy” could have been a real mess.

    Though I lend my opinion on the film, I really have zero excitement over it. I think my Star Wars love died shortly after the animated Clone Wars, seeing as how they were incredible and the films afterward paled in comparison. Nevertheless, here’s to hoping its a great film about one of the most iconic characters in movie history!

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