5 Things Star Wars Fans Want Most!

For our weekly poll this week we asked you what news would be the most exciting for you to hear as a Star Wars fan (beyond what we can reasonably expect from the next several years). We gave you 5 different options to play around with.

A) A new animated series set between episodes VI and VII.

B) A live-action series that explores the darker side of the galaxy.

C) A spin-off film based on an unexplored character or event.

D) A new or returning video game.

E) A novel and/or comics that incorporate previously Legends exclusive content.

By far the most chosen option, at around 44% of over 220 voters, the notion of a new Star Wars live-action series was the most appealing to voters. Some of them even left their comments. We had a lot of fun responding to those comments and sharing our thoughts. Check it out.

5 thoughts on “5 Things Star Wars Fans Want Most!

    1. Sure, so long as there’s a good story attached. Force Awakens added a black lead, a Latin lead, while Rogue One added a Mexican lead, and several Chinese leads. I’m all for diverse casting, so long as they cast the right person, not simply to meet a quota.

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    2. I don’t particularly care if there’s a good story attached. The character doesn’t even have to be the center of the story. I don’t care if the characters are leads or not.

      I would like the bare minimum of other poc being shown to exist in that universe beside Black men (although I love The Force Awakens). I like what they’ve done so far, but they have a lot more work to do, and showing woc in any of their live action projects is the bare minimum to be expected from this franchise. (What would be really interesting is if they showed PoC as loyal members of the First Order, as that seems to be a human centric organization.. Have they done that yet?)

      I liked the examples you named though. Rogue One is one of my favorites in the Star Wars universe (although I wished they hadn’t killed off the only Asian men to have starring roles in the franchise, I’m still very fond of that movie.)

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  1. I think a live-action series would be great actually. There are a lot of animated SW series, but not a prominent live-action one. I think a live-action Star Wars could easily become the “Agents of Shield” of Star Wars!


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