5 Things Star Wars Fans Want Most!


For our weekly poll this week we asked you what news would be the most exciting for you to hear as a Star Wars fan (beyond what we can reasonably expect from the next several years). We gave you 5 different options to play around with.

A) A new animated series set between episodes VI and VII.

B) A live-action series that explores the darker side of the galaxy.

C) A spin-off film based on an unexplored character or event.

D) A new or returning video game.

E) A novel and/or comics that incorporate previously Legends exclusive content.

By far the most chosen option, at around 44% of over 220 voters, the notion of a new Star Wars live-action series was the most appealing to voters. Some of them even left their comments. We had a lot of fun responding to those comments and sharing our thoughts. Check it out.