Will Peter Jackson Be Directing Doctor Who Soon?


For the past several years both Peter Jackson and Steven Moffat have been teasing the possibility of bringing the Doctor Who team to New Zealand to film a special episode directed by Peter Jackson himself. The director has long been interested, being a superfan of the show himself. The BBC has stated they wouldn’t be able to afford him, and he’s responded by saying that the only payment he’d need was one of those new shiny Daleks.

Well, those discussions have since been quieted, especially after Moffat made mention some while back that Jackson was too busy with the Hobbit to bother with anything else. Well, now that he’s finished with the Hobbit, Jackson has posted a cheeky video on his Facebook potentially teasing his future involvement with the popular series. Watch it below:

Interestingly, notice the book on the table in the video. It’s Tolkien’s Silmarillion. No doubt Jackson is also trolling his Lord of the Rings fans.

And we got another tease recently:


So can we expect a Peter Jackson directed Doctor Who story? Hopefully. Certainly the director has had his share of ups and downs when it comes to his films, but a director of his caliber would definitely bring an extra dimension of adventure and finesse to the program. Rarely are directors lauded as highly as the writers, as the episodes are usually only as strong as the scripts, but this might reverse that.

Could we see a story directed by Jackson as soon as series 10? I really hope so. Aside from his directing another Adventure of Tintin film in 2016, his schedule looks remarkably free. What do you guys think?