Books I’ve Been Bequeathed (PART VIII)

Books I’ve Been Bequeathed is a series of articles chronicling my cataloging journey through 660 science fiction novels that were bequeathed to me according to the will of a good friend (500 of which are Star Trek titles). Also bequeathed were a few magazines and comic books.
PART 1 is the story of how I came across the massive collection, whom they were bequeathed from.
PART II catalogues all the Star Trek TOS novels.
PART III catalogues all the Star Trek TNG novels.
PART IV catalogues all the Star Trek DS9 novels.
PART V catalogues all the Star Trek VOY & ENT novels.
PART VI catalogues the rest of the Star Trek novels, magazines, comics that don’t fall under any of the main series’ entrees.
PART VII catalogues all Anne McCaffrey novels, or expanded series.

The purpose of PART VIII is to catalogue all novels by author Edward E. Smith, better known as E. E. “Doc” Smith. He is most notable for being most commonly referred to as the true father of space opera. His first work, The Skylark of Space is often considered the first great example of true space opera/science fantasy.

Skylark series

There’s a confusion on the covers where it mentions that Skylark Three is the third book in the series. It’s actually the second.

  • Skylark of Space – 1946 (Two Versions)
  • Skylark Three – 1948
  • Skylark of Valeron – 1949
  • Skylark DuQuesne – 1966

Lensmen series


  • Triplanetary – (serialized in Amazing Stories magazine in 1934) published in 1948
  • First Lensman – 1950
  • Galactic Patrol – 1950
  • Gray Lensmen – 1951
  • Second Stage Lensmen – 1953
  • Children of the Lens – 1954
  • Masters of the Vortex – 1960 (aka The Vortex Blaster)
  • The Dragon Lensman – 1980 by David A. Kyle
  • Lensman from Rigel – 1982 by David A. Kyle
  • Z-Lensman – 1983 by David A. Kyle

The Family D’Alambert series


  • Imperial Stars – 1976
  • Stranglers’ Moon – 1976
  • The Clockwork Traitor – 1976
  • Getaway World – 1977
  • Appointment at Bloodstar – 1978
  • The Purity Plot – 1978
  • Planet of Treachery – 1981
  • Eclipsing Binaries – 1983
  • The Omicron Invasion – 1984
  • Revolt of the Galaxy – 1985

Other series/books


  • Subspace Explorers – 1965
  • Subspace Encounter – 1983
  • Spacehounds of IPC – 1947
  • Le Surfulgur – (French translation of Second Stage Lensman) 1953
  • The Best of E. E. “Doc” Smith – 1975

I plan this to eventually be a ten part series. I have enough books bequeathed left to fill two more parts, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading!

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