I Need to Watch More Star Trek / Additions to My Blog

Hey guys. I hope you’ve been enjoying my Books I’ve Been Bequeathed series as much as I have. Only two more installments left (10 in total) and then I plan to eventually review some of the books. One thing I’ve come to realize is… I have way more Star Trek books than I know what to do with – more novels than episodes I’ve even seen. I really need to step up my Star Trek viewing game, because as it is, I don’t feel worthy of the collection. I’ve only seen 44% of the Original Series and 46% of The Next Generation. (And none of the other series, mind you.) This is a screencap from my TV Show progress page on Trakt.TV.
Also, I’ve added a new feature to my sidebar, indicating which TV show and movie I’ve watched last, just in case y’all are curious. I connected it to my Trakt account and put it into my widgets, so it’ll update itself provided I update my Trakt profile. Anyway. I’m off to bum around with my girlfriend. Have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “I Need to Watch More Star Trek / Additions to My Blog

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