Geekritique News Roundup Takes a Hiatus

No, I hope you didn’t read that incorrectly, I’m not taking a hiatus from my blog. I’m as of now stopping my weekly series of posts entitled Geekritique News Roundup, which collected all the geeky news from around the web that I could find throughout the week. Why? Well, two reasons. But first and foremost it takes far too long to put it all together. On average, 2 and a half hours. And on top of that they were never really that popular. Sure, they held some traffic, but not nearly as much as I’d get on other posts.

I hope to get back to posting them at some point in the future, but as it stands right now, my personal life is just too hectic – and if I’m to have the proper time to give you quality articles and consistent reviews, I need to make some sacrifices. It just seemed appropriate to let you all know, so as not to keep you waiting in vain.


5 thoughts on “Geekritique News Roundup Takes a Hiatus

  1. It’s a pity as it was a nice way for me to catch up with the things I missed happening, but I’m certain we will still get the most interesting bits of the news with your posts. 😉

    My I ask what your process with this is/was like, that it takes up so much time?
    Are you doing the collecting on the day you post it or are you collecting throughout the week and then giving final touches to the article?


    1. Generally do my research the day of. Gather the news, save it away to be used later. Then when I have time, type it all up and then link it to the article. I don’t mind the searching bit, I do that regardless. But compiling it all takes quite a bit of time. Also, I do all my blogging on an iPad.


      1. You blog using an iPad? I am highly impressed at how long your posts are regardless of that… I would not have that patience…

        My IT-guy side is kind of trying to figure out a way to make the process more efficient/less time consuming, but I don’t think throwing random ideas at you, when you’ve already decided to drop the topic for now, is helping at all….


      2. Yep. 98% is all posts have been produced via my iPad. Including images edited etc.

        That’s all right. When I get around to it I’ll get back to it.


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