What Is the Average Face of the Doctor?

Have you ever wondered what it’d be look like if you combine the face of every canon actor to play the Doctor, to find the average face of all the Doctors? Well, today (or is it tonight) is your lucky day! Dave Clipson over at Youtube has put together a really great video of how he did it all, and the results are extremely creepy. Take a look.

Doctor Who returns Saturday, August 23.

6 thoughts on “What Is the Average Face of the Doctor?

  1. Perhaps it’s because I’ve yet to get through all of the Original Doctor Who episodes, but I really liked the mix between the War doctor to Capaldi. It looked like all of them together and made me super happy inside. But then they mixed it with the others and It really did get creepy . . .


    1. I think the serious range of all the hair really throws off the first 7. I think the face would look a lot ore Nola if it didn’t have that wacky hair. But I agree. There was something oddly familiar about the faces between the Hurt. and Capaldi.


  2. so basically a white male looking to be in his late 30’s early 40’s… not that I’m complaining but I find it funny that he talks about how he could change into any sort of person of either sex but he’s always a white male with an English accent… I wonder what would happen if he finally turned out as something else…


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