What Do You Think of Star Wars’ New Stormtroopers? [POLL]

Recently pictures reportedly from the set of Star Wars Episode VII showed up claiming to be the new helmets for the Stormtroopers. As you can see below, the design has been heavily modified for a more modern look (which basically means they’ll sell an exorbitant amount of action figures).
I’m curious what all of you think, so I’ve started my first poll. Share the link with friends to get a more rounded consensus.

via ComicBookMovie and Indie Revolver

6 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Star Wars’ New Stormtroopers? [POLL]

  1. They’re hideous. Don’t mess with Star Wars. It’s perfect the way it is. The prequels showed how well trying to add on to the story turned out, didn’t they?


  2. I really like them. Modern, sleek and stylish. What people forget is that like any endeavour, artistic or otherwise, is that Disney are aiming for the audience who are not as literate or integrated with SW. New designs and approaches will appeal to as many as they alienate.


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