Teasers, Trailers, and Clips – Into the Dalek

Here are all the latest teasers, trailers, and clips from this weeks Doctor Who episode, Into the Dalek.

Next Time Trailer

Next Time Trailer (BBC America Version)


Clip #1 – Am I a good man?

Clip #2 – Doctor… Will you help me?

Introduction to Into the Dalek

Clip #3 – You’ve not met Danny Pink yet…

4 thoughts on “Teasers, Trailers, and Clips – Into the Dalek

  1. Yeah… this episode was considerably better than I expected it to be. It poked proper fun at itself for the very concept in play, and then proceeded to actually do a good job with the concept.

    I found myself both disappointed with the ending but accepting that it was the necessary ending. I say “disappointed” not to mean with the story, but with how it played out… I had hoped for one ending but got a different one that probably couldn’t have been any other way.

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  2. I also thought it was brill and agree Capaldi WAS or should I say IS excellent as the new Doctor! Enjoy!!!! 🙂


  3. Well having just watched it I have to say most of my fears regarding this story were allayed. In fact I’d even go so far as to say its been one of the best stories in a long while. Michael Smiley was underused and as per new Who it was rushed but Capaldi was so SO good, In just 2 stories I confidently believe he has already leap frogged all the other Doctors in the reboot era in terms of ability and presence. Jenna Coleman also had a decent role and that SLAP! Even the incidental music was toned down but for me of course the saving grace was that despite Nicholas Briggs voice ad nauseum (can’t the bbc give him something else to do?) those MkIII travel machines looked as they should, pure unsullied Kaled beauty, none of your paradigm filthy primary colour monstrosities here, dare I say it the bbc has finally cottoned on and consigned those of woeful blasphemous pathetic redesigns to the dustbins never to be seen or heard of again? They still need a 3 year sabbatical but this was better Dalek fayre no doubt about that. And for once the Missy sub-plot is actually intriguing me…….


    1. You’ve successfully got me salivating. <Strangest thing I've caught myself typing in weeks. Anywho… Very excited now. Only an hour and half away until the new ep starts in Americaland.


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