Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Final Fantasy XV (TGS 2014 Gameplay Trailer)

Final Fantasy XV has been teasing us for years. Almost a decade now really. Since before the PS3 was a thingy. And now we’re well into the age of the PS4/XBOX ONE generation. Previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it’s more recently been appropriately retitled to FF XV. I, as a fan of the numbered Final Fantasy brand, would love to see this game finally happen. But I’ll most likely not see it in my lifetime. I’ll continue sharing trailers for this long-haul vaporware title though, because of the lingering “what if” mentality I still have of playing it. This gameplay trailer was released yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show.

It seems like Final Fantasy XV has evolved into a trippy college roadtrip safari with dinosaurs. I love it. Have my monies.

In other news, Tetsuya Nomura has left the project as a director to focus on more personal projects (ahem, Kingdom Hearts III please).

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