Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Jupiter Ascending (Trailer #3)

The new big original SciFi film from Matrix creators Lana and Andy Wachowski isn’t getting nearly as much hype as it should be. And that’s where Geekritique comes in to save the day. Ha, yeah right. So here’s the latest trailer for Jupiter Ascending that dropped today. It’s so gorgeous but I really can’t make out if it’ll be a good film or not, but at this rate it may do poorly at the box office. I’m going to go ahead and assume many of you have never heard of the film to begin with. Originally planned to be released this year, Jupiter Ascending is set for a February 15, 2015 release.

Here’s the latest poster as well.


9 thoughts on “Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Jupiter Ascending (Trailer #3)

  1. I hadn’t heard of this but it looks like it could be good. Hopefully the plot is as captivating as the visuals – I feel like there have been some well produced fantasy/scifi movies to come out recently that just don’t seem to gain popularity. Also, they sure photoshopped Mila into a funny looking stick person bobble head for that poster!


  2. It definitely looks spectacular and Eddie Redmayne as a villain is also something different for a change. I sure don’t want to miss this in cinemas, but I can’t tell if it will be a huge success or a box office failure, but I do think it was a smart move to postpone the release until next year.


  3. Thanks, I actually did miss this! The effects and action looks pretty good so far, hopefully there’s some plot and depth to go along with it! If nothing else what the Wachowskis do is almost always interesting.


  4. I just found this myself. It looks great. I’m glad they took the time to spruce it all up, rather than rush out inferior post production. Unfortunately they are scarred by the Matrix sequels so it won’t be as successful as it should be. However, I think it’ll amaze a growing following after home release.


  5. I’m looking forward to this. I hope it’s good. the trailer looks beautiful. I enjoyed their last film, “Cloud Atlas”, quite a bit, though I’m certain not everyone did. February isn’t the greatest month to release a blockbuster scifi flick, so, like you said, this film may be washed under the rug. Hopefully that won’t happen and hopefully the story will be as good as the visuals in this clip. Hopefully.


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