Geekritique Went to New York Comic Con 2014!

This must be my fifth year in a row now, but this’ll be my first mention of it as a blogger. I LOVE New York Comic Con. It’s my extra personalized geek-Christmas. But… I slacked on buying tickets this time around. It’s my goal nearly every year to just go and get the 4-Day passes. Or at least the 3-Day. But they sold out so quick, and when they went on sale I was busy trying to save up for my exorbitantly expensive surprise engagement. But hey, my now fiancée snagged two tickets for Thursday, so we made the most of it. We had such an epic day, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. If you have a local Con and you know how much fun it is, you’ll totally understand my state of euphoria.



Due to the fact that we had one day only to see as much as possible, we wanted to see as much of the show floor as we could. This is broken into three sections. The main, and largest section is simply titled the Show Floor. The section to the left is known as The Block, which is primarily toys and games or more appropriately “misc.”. The large section to the right is Artist Alley, where artists sell prints and get their graphic novels/webcomics into people’s hands, which is always lots of fun. I got a few signed graphic novels, namely Mouse Guard by David Peterson, and My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer by Ken Knudsten. This latter book is ironically perfect as my fiancée’s name is Jennifer and our pet-name for each other is monkey.




But, seeing as much of the show floor as possible has its ups and downs. Standing up and trudging along without rest for 5+ hours kills your feet. We also missed most of the panels we wanted to catch. We just missed out on seeing Howard Shore talk about his Lord of the Rings compositions, and we only caught the last half of the Rooster Teeth panel where they focused primarily on their ultra-popular webseries RWBY. But all in all it was the best day I’ve had in a very long time. Comic Con is like a mall that caters to all things awesome and geeky, stuffed full of stuff you didn’t know you needed (even though you really don’t need it but still get it anyway). Which is why I spent so much money. There’s just so much!




I got a bunch of free books odd enough, including the recently Starz adapted Outlander novel. But I grabbed two books from the Tor Books booth, John Scalzi’s Lock In, and Child of a Hidden Sea by A. M. Dellamonica. I got a few variant NYCC issues from DC Comics. But the coolest is perhaps my Bee and Puppycat #1 with the “get-a-sketch” variant cover. I asked them to draw Finn from Adventure Time riding Puppycat (as the company produces both shows/comic-series) and they threw in Jake as well! Also got some beautiful artwork to hang for the apartment from Rogan Josh. I really recommend his stuff. My fiancée got a Totoro bag (which was surprisingly the cheapest and most useful item of the lot). Don’t mind her leggings. She wanted to go as The Little Mermaid, but chose not to last minute. Naturally I missed both of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss, as neither were in today. Aw well. Next year perhaps. Check out our stash below, and tear up alongside me at all the money I spent.





6 thoughts on “Geekritique Went to New York Comic Con 2014!

  1. That second cosplayer pic… the guy in the black fur (or faux fur) coat looks a little bit like Jason Lee. Or maybe that’s just me.

    I have gone to the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC… though not in many years… but I haven’t been to any of the bigger big city conventions.


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