The Flash: Going Rogue (EPISODE REVIEW)

One thing that is striking a very positive note for me is the fluidity of the back to back timeline Arrow and Flash are aiming for. Last episode of Arrow we see Felicity Smoak leave her duties for a bit to hang out in Central City, and now this week we get an episode of The Flash with her presence. Well done. This bodes extremely well with future crossover events, as has been hinted.

But yes, Felicity has shown up, tight dresses and all. And the episode really gels well accordingly. There’s a surprising lack of jealousy going on throughout it all. Iris likes Eddie. Felicity likes Barry, but also Oliver. Barry happens to like both, but chooses a life of relationship abstinence. The contrast between Iris trying to push Felicity and Barry together, and Felicity trying to push Iris and Barry together was equal parts frustrating and touching. I naturally root for Felicity because she is so easily shippable with everyone. That and she came all the way to Central City because she “wants to see it.” His superspeed that is.

The last scene on the train with Felicity and Barry, where they lay it all out. They’re perfect for each other, and they make that point clear. But they’re in love with different people. It was a really beautiful scene. And, I hope you don’t mind my comparing it to Smallville once more, but the scene is reminiscent of those magical end-of-episode reflections you’d get on the show that made all the nonsense worthwhile. And that goodbye kiss.

And Felicity’s dresses!

It must’ve been pretty early on after Barry became the Flash that Cisco created that freezeray to stop him. Interestingly it can actually obtain Absolute Zero. When it’s stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs they really shouldn’t have been surprised. It doesn’t seem as if there’s any security in that place. Anyone can walk in. We get a really nasty side out of Harrison Wells. He realizes that the weapon is uniquely dangerous to Barry, whom he seems bent on preserving, for whatever reason, so he essentially lashes out on Cisco.

Leonard Snart, or Captain Cold as he’s (again hilariously and appropriately) named by Cisco, is played by Wentworth Miller – and he does an excellent job. At first I felt he played the character too… coolly? He recited his lines as if he were reading from a book, but I realized that’s just how he’s written. Once he obtains Cisco’s freezeray (which it is never called – but that’s what it is), he becomes the Flash’s most capable villain, able to cause serious pain, isn’t afraid to take casualties, and understands that Barry’s weakness is his desire to help others.

This leads to a really interesting ending scene (one which doesn’t involve Harrison Wells thankfully), in which he actually recruits an old partner in crime, Mick Rory. He’s got an affinity for fire, and now has a weapon to utilize it. His supervillain name, which I’m sure Cisco will come up with, is Heat Wave. This’ll usher in the first wave of Flash’s rogues gallery, a villainous team aptly titled Rogues. Did anyone notice the name of the exhibit in the museum? Kahndaq? This is a fictional Arab country led by Black Adam. Wonder what this could mean?

The most disappointing part of Going Rogue had to be Barry himself. Again, he gets slighted so easily, takes it as personally as would a 15 year old, and mopes. I wish butthurt could be healed with superspeed, cause if this continues…

Anyway. The best scene of the series thus far? Hands down, the train scene. Wow. They broke the budget there. Beautiful camerawork, cgi, slow-motion, etc. The physics applied to the scene were gorgeous all around, and he actually got to save everyone. That’s how I always pictured superspeed in my head, and that’s exactly what I got. Overall I have very few niggles with this week’s episode. How about you?

Current ranked average of The Flash Season One: 7.75.

12 thoughts on “The Flash: Going Rogue (EPISODE REVIEW)

  1. This is the second time Kahndaq has been mentioned in… uh, Arrowverse? Berlantiverse? Anyway, it was mentioned in one of the Suicide Squad episodes in Arrow as well. They’re world building so extremely well that it’s going to be great seeing where they take it all. Arrow has already visited Blüdhaven and Ferris Air Field was in the pilot of The Flash, now Kahndaq! And where’s there’s Black Adam surely there must be MARVELous things on the way! Eh? Eh!? So much excite!

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  2. Knowing the future…. I wondered if they Prof. Knows as much about Team Arrow as he does Barry. This his very thorough bio of Miss Smoak her working so well with all the heroes does make me think she will eventually be the TV universes Oracle.


      1. Yeah, I figured that. I think the Constantine pilot was ok…I’m not too sure what to expect from it though. So I don’t think you’re missing out on anything. At least not yet.

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  3. For me, the crossover between Arrow and The Flash was very reminiscent of the Buffy/Angel crossovers. Thanks to Felicity’s appearance, this was my favorite episode of the show thus far. While I do hope to see more crossover episodes between the two shows (not too much though), I hope the show finds its grounding without relying too much on Arrow.


  4. For comic fans… we have Professor Zoom from the future the “Reverse Flash” and more recently we had Zoom… who happened to be a guy who was paralyzed and then somehow accidentally got super-powers and decided to be Zoom and “help” Wally West’s Flash be the best Flash he could by testing him and pushing him.

    So… I mention all that because… Wells is behaving a lot like “Zoom” in that he’s a dude in a wheelchair but also is more than he seems and is trying to help Barry out but clearly has some bad mojo working like when he killed Stagg previously.

    So I’m wondering… are we going to get both versions of “Zoom” on this show? Or could we possibly be seeing them merge both of those characters into a single one for the TV show?

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    1. Thats hard to say. Because at the same time the classic representation of Zoom is through Eobard Thawne (or Eddie). So i guess we’ll see.


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