We Now Have Names for Several New Star Wars Characters!

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly will please many a Star Wars fan hoping to take a bite out of any news they can get their hands on. We now have names for some of the new characters featured in the first teaser that dropped a few weeks back, including our new Sith. Funny enough, they were revealed in the form of vintage Topps trading cards. Check them out below!








This brings up a few questions. Firstly, Kylo Sen, the hooded figure with the strange triple-headed lightsaber – shouldn’t he have ‘Darth’ in front of his name? Or is he not a full Sith yet? Is he master or apprentice then? Or neither? What if the Sith have transcended their rule of just 2 at a time. Perhaps they no longer use the term Darth at all. What are your thoughts? Also, the last names of character’s Finn and Rey are left out as well.

One last point to note is that JJ Abrams claims there’s further clues to decipher if you can figure out the code. That code being the numbers on the cards. Can you folks figure it out?


I want to apologize to my followers. I’ve been more busy than I’d like to be. But I am working on a new project, something fans of Brandon Sanderson and his Cosmere will surely appreciate. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “We Now Have Names for Several New Star Wars Characters!

  1. What popular samurai film, 1930s serial and 1950s western will THIS Star Wars film borrow freely from? Answers on back of an envelope addressed to

    “Disney simply couldn’t care less it’s going to mint it with this”, PO BOX 666 in your capital city.

    Keep an eye out for inappropriate JJ Abrams easter eggs too- he can’t help himself!

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  2. Ren is a Chinese surname, but more interestingly a Confucian philosophy meaning to display altruistic characteristics often compared to the feeling of protectiveness over children, as well as being part of the Egyptian model of the soul. The logical prediction would be that Ren is the Andy Serkis character who guides the new heroes into their journey of Jedi, all while embracing his heritage as a ninja/warrior-esque fighter.

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