What Color Is This Dress? (POLL)

Here’s a little something odd. Tumblr user Swiked has posted a picture of a dress that is black and blue to some and gold and white to others. What do you see?

Apparently some are claiming that it changes up on them after they look back at it. All I see is gold and white. For fun I did a color check. First I try the darker section on top, where its most lit.

Clearly a gold, bronzish color. But then I tried the dark strip in the middle.

Strangely, it looks charcoal now. Almost tricking the computer into assuming it’s black. Then I try the lighter area. And no matter where I check…

Blue. I’m so confused. Likely, the picture is very cold in the temperature range, making the image quite blue-tinted. But still. Weird.

(UPDATE) iO9 have explained the phenomenon scientifically. And they finally settle on what the true color is.

20 thoughts on “What Color Is This Dress? (POLL)

      1. It’s a good book that I sadly traded in and now I need a quote from it… and nobody seems to have it anymore… oh well…


  1. What it really proves is that, if you want the nice bright colors that bring us the greens of summer, Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away. And use the Kodachrome instead of your camera phone.

    Even knowing that the actual dress in question is blue and black, I still only see this photo as washed-out white with a bluish cyanotic tinge, and gold verging on brown.


  2. Originally I only saw white and gold. Then I looked at it from different angles and it was white and Gold. For a bit, I could see both. Now, I can only see blue and black. It’s all mind games and point of reference.


  3. I originally saw it as white and gold, but now I can only see it as black and blue. I know that the actual colour is black and blue, but it seemed to take my mind some convincing to make it see black and blue. It has everything to do with lighting and how our eyes and mind perceive colour in different lighting conditions. But the reality is that it really is black and blue. The photo is a bit overexposed, if you ask me. That’s partly what makes the black look gold and the blue look like a lighter blue.

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    1. The fact that it is black and blue in reality, and know that, especially after seeing a better photo of the dress, can make you see the colour differently. I can only see it as black and blue now. I saw it as white and gold at first. Also, the lighting is terrible in that photo. It’s all washed out and overexposed.


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