Doctor Who Series 9: Trailer 2

Trailer two is here. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series 9: Trailer 2

  1. man it looks bad ass… I really am liking this new doctor too… but since I’m here and I woke up thinking this might as well ask someone else who watches Doctor Who… how on earth did the lizard woman and that gang end up in Victorian London? because I’ve been wracking my brain and there is like no explanation… before that the last we saw of the lizard people was they were going to back to sleep somewhere around our present time because the world just wasn’t ready for them yet… which also makes me wonder about the times when we see earth in the future and there are still no lizard people… are they still sleeping? because sadly the only other mention I remember of them was that one ark like spaceship that bad guy got a hold of and killed all the people on just to keep the dinosaurs… so messed up… but that’s what I woke up thinking of so I might as well share the thoughts…

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    1. Well. Neither Vastra (the Silurian), Jenny (the human), or Strax (the Sontaran), have definite origin stories told. They were all brought together during A Good Man Goes to War, where the Doctor was creating his personal army. It’s assumed that the Doctor then transported them to Victorian England. But it’s never shown.


      1. I forgot that’s when they came together… but I hate that there’s no real explanation on that… I mean Strax sort of does because he was in the midst of a war saying he was paying off a debt… which is more than we really got from the other 2…

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