This Is How Michael B. Jordan Could Play Boba Fett

A new rumor, which sprung into the public consciousness a few days, claims that Michael B. Jordan, the African American star who played Johnny Storm in the recent Fantastic Four flop, could be in the running to play as Boba Fett in an upcoming Star Wars film. This comes courtesy of the Meet the Movie Press podcast while chatting with TheWrap reporter, Jeff Sneider. Sneider claims that Josh Trank, who was set to direct one of the Star Wars Anthology movies, namely a Boba Fett solo outing, was removed from the project quietly after the behind-the-scenes drama of Trank’s Fantastic Four was discovered. It’s no stretch to assume that Disney, who has been pushing for diversity in recent years, and Josh Trank, who was at the time working closely with Michael B. Jordan, would consider him for the role.

But we’ve already seen Boba Fett in episode II, Attack of the Clones. And he was white. And he was a clone of Jango… who was also white. And Michael B Jordan is clearly not white. How would they retcon that, and still consider Attack of the Clones canon?

Well. We don’t actually see Boba Fett with his helmet off in the original trilogy. It could be that it’s a different person wearing it. This film could be that person’s origin story, or the story of how that bounty hunter lived to fill Boba’s shoes.

But here’s a better answer. The Sarlacc Pit. In the book Star Wars: Aftermath, by Chuck Wendig, which was released on September 4th, we do get a reference to Boba Fett post-Sarlacc Pit. His Mandalorian armor is found in a Jawa Sandcrawler, and is being sold off. It mentions that the armor looked as though it went through hell, and came back. At first I took this to mean he got free. But more likely, this is akin to an animal regurgitating what it cannot digesr. What if Boba really did die, and Michael B. Jordan took his place. That could be a great movie, honestly. And it wouldn’t have to be another origin story. It would fit alongside the Force Awakens and so on.

What do you guys think? Is this whole casting rumor just a huge mistake? Does Boba still live?

3 thoughts on “This Is How Michael B. Jordan Could Play Boba Fett

  1. I choose the armour theory. Star Wars: the Force Awakens can’t just be a Greatest Hits montage, so having it be someone new makes more sense, especially as we get a new character and the universe gets bigger. Plus, it’s consistent with what Abrams is doing, where everyone’s in a new place and new characters take-up the mantle of previous characters. It’s more dramatic for a bounty hunter to be wearing the uniform of his dead predecessor. While there may or may not be much to do with a character like Fett, there’s a whole story in how Jordan acquired his armour that can be a good sub-plot on its own. Did he know Fett? Did he kill him? Is he faking a resurrection? That would flesh-out the new trilogy more than having a dead character turn out to not be dead, because that’s just a cop-out in a franchise so dramatic. Cause they would have just cast Jeremy Bulloch otherwise. Plus, Jordan could be Fett in the supposed Star Wars Anthology: Fett/Solo which may or not be happening.

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    1. Yeah, this is where my head’s at too. At first I thought the idea was totally ludicrous. After considering the mantle being passed on, or taken rather, a story comes together.

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