FRIDAY SPOTLIGHT: Interview with Einhorn’s Epic Cookies

It’s Friday! Generally considered amongst the best days of the week, there’s plenty to celebrate! It marks the end of the work week for many. It marks the end of the school week for others. And new movies come out on Friday! And now we’re giving you even more reason to look forward to them. Welcome to the Friday Spotlight, a new segment all about celebrating the lovely, creative, and beautiful culture we hold so dear: geek culture, and the people that bring it to you! The goal is to feature a wide range of artists, authors, and more, to shine the light on all corners of the geek spectrum.
Who better to kick off this celebratory occasion than with Einhorn’s Epic Cookies. This is a company that I discovered a little over year ago, as a small, upstart booth on the massive floor of New York Comic Con. They sell epic cookies, as their name implies, but what makes these cookies particularly special is that they come with a comic book to enjoy alongside. This year I stumbled across their booth (which doubled in size), and had to grab some cookies. The cookies were soft, with a bit of crunch, and somehow even tastier than they were last year.

And we’re here today with Heather Einhorn, and she’ll tell us a bit about why these cookies are so epic:

Hey, Heather. Thanks for taking the time to do this! So what is Einhorn’s Epic Cookies? Tell us the idea behind it and how it all began.

No problem! Einhorn’s Epic Cookies is a crazy mash-up of radical cookie flavors and unicorn comic books. We actually have a pretty cosmic origin story, which can be found here!

Geekritique: Great! So what flavors do you offer?

We currently have four flavors of cookies:
Houston – Chocolate Chip & Potato Chip
Cadiz – Birthday Cake, Crisped Rice, & Rainbow Sprinkles
Broxburn – Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, & Maple
Romsey – Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, & Bacon

I’ve tried each personally, and can attest that each tastes amazing. Generally I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter cookies, but I have to say that Romsey, the peanut butter, bacon & chocolate chip combo really blew me away. Which is your favorite?

Oh my goodness. It really depends on the day. It’s like picking a favorite child (or in this case a favorite unicorn). Today my favorite is Cadiz. It’s almost the weekend, so Cadiz is a good way to begin any celebration (big or small!)


I hear that! So, the idea to include comics alongside the cookies seems pretty revolutionary to me. What’s the story behind the Royal Einhorn Force?

Well, Einhorn literally translates to “Unicorn” so when we started creating the characters for our crazy cookie concept, we knew from the start we were going to create a universe filled with unicorns. The Royal Einhorn Force are the toughest, most radical unicorns in the galaxy. Separately they are awesome, but together they are SUPER MEGA AWESOME!!

If you want to learn more about each of the members of the R.E.F. – head here for full character bios.

Such a fun idea. So, kind of like trading cards, you don’t know which comic you’ll receive within each pack, is that correct. How many issues are there to collect, and will we see more?

Correct. Right now we have 6 issues in circulation. The issues are all standalone, but there is a larger story to follow for all the collectors and unicorn enthusiasts out there. We are currently working on the next 6 issues, which should begin appearing in a cookie near you in 2016!

Nice! So how far is your reach as a company? You’re based out of New York, but do you ship outside of the area?

Right now we are only in NY, NJ, CT, & PA. But we’re hoping to expand even more in 2016!

Well, it’s so great to hear your enthusiasm. Heather, thanks so much for all your time. Best wishes, and I can’t wait to see what’s next from Einhorn’s Epic Cookies and the Royal Einhorn Force. Where can we reach you?

Thanks so much! And thanks for the awesome post!! For more information about us and to visit our store, our website is

If you’d like to be featured on a future Friday Spotlight, feel free to send an inquiry to

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