‘RWBY Volume 3’ Opening Animation Pays Tribute to Creator Monty Oum

For those that haven’t watched RWBY, it’s a web series, produced by Rooster Teeth (the same people responsible for Red Vs. Blue). The episodes are short, ranging from 4-15 minutes a piece, and each ‘Volume’, or season is about your average movie length, so you could easily binge it for an afternoon and be caught up. It revolves around the fantastical world of Remnant which boasts all types of life, good and bad. Our main hero becomes a Huntress and is tasked with leading a group of other powerful, likeminded individuals, to destroy the creatures of Grimm, with incredible, creative weaponry. It’s available to watch in full on the Rooster Teeth website, on YouTube, or as a free stream with any subscription on Crunchyroll.

As a huge fan of Monty’s work on RWBY, his passing last year was particularly tragic. It’s good to see that his work lives on, however. Volume 3 of the popular faux-anime is moving forward, and the animation looks to be pushing new bounds for the series. The opening animation was just posted online, and it’s easy to see that they’re capable of doing far more with layering, and running more objects on screen than ever before.

But, beautifully, what stood out for me was the brief, powerful tribute payed to the late creator. Take a look for yourself.

Volume 3 premieres October 24th, 10AM CT.

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