Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Godzilla Resurgence

Godzilla Resurgence, directed by Hideaki Anno, will see the king of the kaiju return in full force to Japanese screens. Set to arrive on July 29th this year, this reboot is the first Japanese iteration of the character since 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars. It appears to be a return to its roots, sticking with the man-in-the-rubber-costume look, as apposed to the American put-it-all-in-CGI look. Which is fine by me.

That said, the new Godzilla appears to have a far different, almost bloodthirsty look about him. Check it out.

I don’t mind the new look. I also don’t mind that they’re sticking to the rubber suit. I do mind that it’s 2016 and the Japanese don’t bother taking the time to edit their trailers. Same goes for anime for that matter. C’mon! What’s up with the random people just looking at each other, sometimes talking to each other, but their voices are entirely drowned out by dramatic music? No subtitles. Just random visuals.

We do, however, get a look at some great new angles from behind tanks and such. And the damage caused in the kaiju’s wake is reminiscent of the horrors faced in the 2011 tsunami. What do you guys think? Ready for a new Godzilla film? This will be Toho’s 29th take on the character; 31st if you consider the American films.

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18 thoughts on “Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Godzilla Resurgence

  1. Hadn’t heard about this one before, interesting to see Japan going back to serious Godzilla, as opposed to guys in rubber suits fighting each other, after the last American effort; which while serious started to introduce that aspect of Godzilla to mainstream America.
    Colour me intrigued.

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  2. Never cared a lot for the American version (for there is only one) but that’s okay, Americans can do what they do as long as I get my rubber suit. It’s a bit ridiculous but Godzilla without a rubber suit is just… meh. It’s part of the fun and the charm of the series. The suits, the miniatures, it’s all good to me and part of why I love Godzilla. So yay me for getting what I want.

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  3. Usually I’m one of those people who views a trailer cautiously, having been burnt in the past by awesome trailers for terrible films. This however got me excited, not just because of the music and some of the scenes shown, but simply to see Toho’s Godzilla again. After disappointment with the Legendary effort, this may just be the Godzilla I’ve been waiting for. One can only hope!

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  4. I have loved Godzilla for as long as I can remember watching TV, and always look forward to new films, no matter how cheesy and bad they look. I mean, ITS GODZILLA! King of Monsters! Nuff’ said!

    Now, something does look odd with his tail, almost like it’s not scaled in proportion to his body, but I love the overall look. I can’t wait to hear that familiar roar once again!

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      1. Yeah, it’s bordering on comical. My daughter walked up behind me when I was watching the trailer and said, “his tail looks like the Loch Ness Monster!” Maybe he can shoot radiation out of it or something!

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  5. I guess I’m one of two people who actually liked the trailer. Well, I was moved by the tragedy of what I was seeing and I liked the music. I’m a total Godzilla fan. I used to watch all those when I was a kid. I don’t care for the CGI versions too much. I prefer the rubber suit Godzilla, and I’d love to go see this one. The music makes me think there will be tears ,so I’ll be sure to take some tissues along.

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  6. This looks awesome! I love we get modern rubber suit Godzilla movies as well as the CGI ones. The trailer is edited really strangely as expected… I wonder who he’ll be fighting this time? Hopefully not EDF and their flying drill submarine like the last one!

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