We saw Doctor Who Christmas footage, the Class trailer, and the very first episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Hello all. We had the awesome privilege to attend the BBC America Takeover panel at New York Comic Con yesterday. We got to see the very first episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, the world premiere of the trailer of the Doctor Who spinoff Class, as well as behind the scenes footage of the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas special! What a show. And on top of that we got a number of live Q&As from the cast and crew of each show. We take it all in and bring you our immediate reaction to all the unique revelations!

First things first. Fans of Douglas Adams will be INCREDIBLY pleased by the upcoming series, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. After seeing the pilot, both Jenn and I have fallen in love. It’s a chaotic, ludicrous tale with several disparate parts, but it’s so tightly written no cast member is ever left unaccounted for. In fact, there are several scenes where their tales interweave in incredibly humorous moments. The show stars Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood, and their duo is pitch perfect. Max Landis writes the script.

With Class, I feel that many Torchwood fans will find a new home here. It’s definitely a more mature look at the Whoniverse, through the eyes of four students and a teacher at Coal Hill Academy. It’ll be dark, spooky, gritty, and sexy, but having it focused on a teen cast keeps it grounded in a way. The visuals look pretty spectacular from the small bits and pieces we’ve seen of the trailer and more, so I’d keep my eyes peeled on this. Writer Patrick Ness says we’ll be getting plenty of Easter eggs, but don’t expect many cameos, as he hates cameos. Of course, the Doctor does show up on occasion, as the trailer highlights. Episode 8 is said to be the strongest script, according to the cast.

The Doctor Who Christmas special will be titled The Return of Doctor Mysterio, and will feature the show’s first ever proper superhero, named Grant. Matt Lucas is set to rejoin the cast of the TARDIS, and though Pearl Mackie won’t appear in the episode, she was present to speak a bit on the development of the upcoming season of Doctor Who, which sounds like it’s going to be quite the cracker. Episode 3 is Pearl’s favorite by far, and delves into plenty of green screen. Matt Lucas is said to be a recurring character on the series. He keeps wanting to do more episodes, according to Moffat.

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