Doctor Who Writers for Series 8 (So Far)

As the world awaits Capaldi’s debut and we get closer and closer to August (the estimated air date), facts and rumours will begin to pour in at a frightening pace. If you’re anything like myself, you’ll want to keep up to date. As of now, not a whole lot is readily forthcoming, but we have some tidbits that allow us to speculate and ruminate on what we can come to expect. Some details on Series 8 and what we can expect (spoilers sweetie):

  • 1. TBA – Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Ben Wheatley – Victorian story, featuring the Paternoster gang w/ their new sonic devices designed via Blue Peter contest. (Rumoured villains are the clockwork droids and Jack the Ripper, and apparently Capaldi and Coleman phone Matt Smith at some point). I imagine this episode might feel like The Snowmen + The Eleventh Hour.
  • 2. TBA – Written by Phil Ford; Directed by Ben Wheatley – New companion, Danny Pink, most likely introduced in this episode. He’s a teacher at Coal Hill School (same as companions Clara, Barbara, and Ian). Set photos appear to include the orange spacesuit Tennant wore in The Satan Pit, and The Waters of Mars, and that Smith wore in Hide. Phil Ford co-wrote The Waters of Mars.
  • 3. TBA – Writer TBA; Directed by Paul Murphy
  • 4. TBA – Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Douglas Mackinnon – This one strikes me as odd. Moffat usually only writes the premiere, mid-season finale(s) and the finale. Don’t know what to expect. (I’m hoping it feels more like Blink/The Girl in the Fireplace and isn’t hugely connected to the overall series arc… But most likely it’s a chance for River to meet 12).
  • 5. TBA – Written by Steve Thompson; Directed by Douglas Mackinnon – Having written the much maligned The Curse of the Black Spot and the kind of lackluster Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, we can expect an okay filler adventure.
  • 6. TBA – Writer TBA; Directed by Paul Murphy
  • 7. TBA
  • 8. TBA
  • 9. TBA
  • 10. TBA
  • 11. TBA
  • 12. TBA – Written by Steven Moffat; Director TBA – Expect grandiose. (Probably has to do with Gallifrey Falls No More – just a guess)
  • 13. Xmas TBA – Written by Steven Moffat; Director TBA – (Probably not as fairy tale as The Time of the Doctor. I expect Moffat will want Capaldi to be far different than Matt).

—– (Other writers mentioned and/or confirmed for series 8 include Mark Gatiss, Neil Cross, Gareth Roberts, and newbie Jack Lothian).

What does this all mean for series 8? Unfortunately, it looks as though we’ll be getting one episode stories. Again. That was series 7’s biggest failure in my opinion – single episode stories. They produce rushed endings, a tight budget, and shoddy story arcs. I’m also a bit disappointed in the choice for writing staff. Aside from Jack Lothian, it [appears] to be the same old boys’ club of writers we get every year. Emphasis on “boys”. We really need to get some female writers to freshen things up. They can write credible SciFi too Moffat.

Speaking to Digital Spy, (prolific Doctor Who fan and writer) Mark Gatiss, talks about the changes Capaldi brings to the writing:

“The Doctor’s always the Doctor – but you can have a lot of fun playing with people’s expectations. Everyone knows how the previous Doctor would react in any given situation – and now you just don’t know! Peter has a very different energy to Matt Smith and to David Tennant. He’s older which changes everything – it’s amazing what a change does! Matt was sublime and I was very sorry to see him go, but it’s also great to have a change – as it has always been with the Doctor.”

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Writers for Series 8 (So Far)

  1. The good point – Ben Wheatley directing some of the stories. His Lovecraftian/Cthulhu-esque/mad cultists “Kill List” was a true British Updated Hammer Horror. The Black Comedy alternative “Nuts in May” Sightseers was also an interesting effort and his magic mushroom infused “A field in England” was something else. All told with his directing talents it promises something unique and very new for Who that may even make for some uncomfortable but riveting viewing.

    The neutral point – Mark Gatiss who is either excellent or abysmal

    The bad points – No Neil Gaiman stories (yet), and single episode stories which are a poor relation compared to the 2 part stories in new Who.

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