New Promo Pics for Doctor Who’s Deep Breath

For all my non-Whovian followers, I do apologize but, as my caption above states, “this blog is often dimensionally transcendental.” The next few months will see an onslaught of Doctor Who posts on my end, as it is my favorite program and the new season is about to commence. This will by no means impede my ability to produce reviews for films, novels, or comics.

But we have some really pretty shots from the new episode that have been released, and having already read the script and knowing each pic’s respective placement in the plot, I can tell Deep Breath will be on point. Take a look below.










11 thoughts on “New Promo Pics for Doctor Who’s Deep Breath

  1. I’m so excited, yet sorrowful. Although the season is about to start soon, I was only able to watch Doctor Who via Netflix because I don’t get BBC. I don’t know what I’ll do.


      1. America, and it’s possible to get it. We’re just cheep and have cable. I mean, it come on PBS intermittenly, but never in order and always randomly.


      2. Oh, I understand. Well, if you can afford it, you can buy the episodes on iTunes. If not, there are a number of less legitimate ways to catch the show. I can’t condone torrenting the program, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t done so in the past. Or after the episodes air, wait a day or two and look up “watch doctor who deep breath online” and you’ll find a number of sketchy sites that’ll stream it for you. Cheers, hope you don’t have to wait for Netflix.


  2. Capaldi looks good, Coleman looks even better WOW! I really hope that she isn’t going to leave at the end of the year. That’s the plus, the minus is the repeat use of the abominally re-imagined Sontaran. Such a departure from the original its difficult to even relate them as the same species. The idea of a warlike race acting as a servant is a good one but they should have used something new instead of a classic from the old canon. Don’t get me started on the Silurian either. I’m ranting again so back to the positives, the promo pics look great, especially the HG Wells Victorian look costumes and sets, in fact its just kicked in a spark of enthusiasm that I was worried had become extinct.


    1. I feel the Silurians are the real mess in all this. Their canon is entirely mucked. Although I’m a fan of [some] of the Sontarans classic serials, I can’t say I dislike Strax. But sometimes the humor falls flat or is layered on at the worst moments.

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