No Man’s Sky: How to Quickly Learn Languages

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably playing No Man’s Sky. You’ll either love the concept or hate it, but it’s a marvel of algorithmic beauty. You can land on any one of the over 18 Quintillion unique planets the game has generated, and then discovery the galaxy from there. And likely you’ll come across the Gek language. Or the Vy’Keen, or the Korvax – the three primary intelligent alien races the game has to offer. But it quickly becomes frustrating when you can’t understand them.

The game has a mechanic that involves you learning more and more of each language as you discover new locations and monoliths, etc. But there is a quicker way to learn a ton of new words, a way that you could feasibly spam until you learn the whole language – you’ll just need a bit of Carbon to begin.

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