Into the Dalek Promo Pics

This Saturday the Daleks plunger ourselves “into darkness.” Alright. Crappy joke. But there’ll be Daleks, and according to the Doctor it’s the “most dangerous place in the universe.” Although I’m personally least excited about this episode, the promo pics do intrigue me. I’ll keep my hopes low though and perhaps I’ll be surprised.

Into the Dalek is cowritten by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat. Phil Ford cowrote 2009’s Waters of Mars, which has always been one of my favorite episodes. Will this be the episode to make Daleks scary again? Doubt it. But a guy can dream. This episode will also herald the entrance of Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink.













12 thoughts on “Into the Dalek Promo Pics

  1. Oh my gosh, is Clara wearing pants? This is an all time first as she is most prominently a skirt or dress kind of girl. The pictures are gorgeous. I’m hoping, as well, that the writing can make the old villains more improved. There was something about the season eight premier that reminded me of how episode story-lines used to be with Tennant, and I think that’s coming back which gets me excited. I believe it’s the whole reason why I just knew from the beginning that I would LOVE the twelfth doctor. I didn’t realize that before, but even the nature of these pictures reminds me of Tennant days, and that is fine with me. I was getting tired of the silly stuff. It make it hard to take Matt Smith seriously when he was trying to be, well, you know, serious.


  2. Well I managed to avoid looking at the photo’s for a few hours until I started worrying about whether we were going to have those increasingly marginalised teletubby primary colour crass merchandising scam paradigm abominal monstrosities….and breathe……..So despite the fact that even this staunch dyed in the wool Kaled-o-phile desperately wants the MkIII travel machines to be rested for about 3 years I am at least relieved that we appear to be having the pure Dalek form on show and that Moffat and co. might have learnt their lesson about messing with an iconic design.


  3. The Dalek really aren’t that scary anymore, which is unfortunate because they once were great villains. I really am looking forward to the introduction of Danny Pink though; I can’t yet imagine what kind of guy he is.
    The promo pictures look great, but oh my, I don’t know if it’s just that one picture, but Clara’s shirt/blouse somehow disturbes me.


  4. I love the Daleks, I went to the Dr Who museum in Wales years ago and the best bit was sitting in a Dalek from the old show and when you spoke it converted your voice to a Dalek voice -fun!


  5. Michael Smiley is great so am hoping this episode will be a winner! Hubbins has his own 1960’s Genesis Dalek which is far more scary than the new “does my bum look big in” versions! 🙂

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  6. Yep same here- “contractual obligation” episode makes the monotonous reappearance of the Daleks zero impact. But- hopefully, it will be a good arc-less episode with a minimum of the “look how clever I am” Moffisms and a bare minimum nod to the latest in a long line of female characters who add nothing but some sort of plot porridge. As for mIssy being the Master- I sincerely hope not, the right-on ishness is also wearying. And it would be nothing more than the first step in another campaign to feminise the Doctor- in this case by having a future regeneration be a woman, and no doubt yet another BBC luvvie.

    I am sure the Doctor will be a chick at some point, but like everything else in this ham-fisted run I would so much rather it be organic to a story rather than just “he has to be a woman because PC!”.

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    1. I’ve read the rumors that she is the master. I also hope not. Instead I’d much rather the Rani’s reappearance (as odd as that may seem). Why? Not really sure, but the idea gels with me.


      1. Same here- Rani- at least although it’s another old chestnut it’s something “new” to the 2005 series. Missy being the Master would be a cringe to end all cringes- from the nastiness of the “Master is queer” subtext into a full-blown gender bend… What, can’t boys and men have ANY role models, of ANY kind? Not allowed?

        And the Rani was a very different prospect to the Master. She was always the straight-A student evil head prefect to the two naughty boys of the Doctor and the Master- added to which her predilection for genetic experiments of extreme cruelty was a good flavour to add.

        Unfortunately, Missy whether the Master or not is cut from the exact same cloth and with the exact same formula as so many other Moff-ites that whatever it turns out to be the arc in Who is dead on arrival.

        The crazyiest thing of all is how small Moff has made Who- from the entire spacetime continuum down to the same five locations and dozen or so characters! Wasn’t the idea behind the books and audios that eg the Paternoster “Gang” could deliquesce in isolated splendor for their score or so of fans, whilst the main show ticked along showing eight or more unique settings per year?

        It’s like a Star Trek show where they only visit the same four planets each week. In fact this sameness was one of the things that poisoned the well for DS9 before it tried to go all B5 and political.

        Rani – si! Masterette – non!

        Gallifrey Base’s PC police will no doubt defend every dumb misstep to the bitter end, but all the gay marriage crap, ths Missy crap- pandering to 2% of the population, even if they’re 10% of the viewing audience- is a bad idea.

        It’s the Who equivalent of Warner and Disney pandering to the 45,000 OCD sufferers who comprise the majority of the current monthly comic buying audience for the big two- just because an echo chamber agrees with itself, doesn’t mean there aren’t big problems out in the general population. And in the case of Who it’s a mainstream programme paid for by licence fees, not a fetishised niche science fantasy show. They forget that at their peril…

        It’s been forgotten before, and it led to decline in quality and viewership that led directly to cancellation.

        I hope they avoid it this time.

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