The World’s Most Expensive Comic Book

This past week the world’s most well-kept copy of Action Comics #1 sold for $3.2M over eBay, making it the world’s most expensive comic book ever. The previous record holder was another copy of Action Comics #1 that sold for $2.1M in 2011. Both copies were graded at a CGC 9.0, but the new copy is remarkable in that it has no yellowed pages.

But why is this comic from 1938 so important? Why are fans so willing to shell out fortunes on a few sheets of paper? Singlehandedly this one issue ushered in one the most prevailing pop culture movements ever. This is the first appearance of Superman, and the first superhero comic ever. This has spurred into existence multiple billion dollar franchises, not only for the man of steel, but for all superhero comics, studios, and movies in general.


5 thoughts on “The World’s Most Expensive Comic Book

  1. That’s literrally insane! It honestly makes sense to me that this is #1. One thing’s for sure, anyone who holds a copy of this sucker is lucky! Yeah, it may not have the best plotline or storyline, but this guy is the beginning of it all. If I was a multi-billionaire you best believe I’d purchase this copy.


    1. Same here. Would be nice to just “stumble” upon this in some old basement though. Would be a dream come true.


  2. Multiple things in play here that aren’t going to be true for most other comic books.

    It’s old… old things sometimes attain value. It has been well-preserved, condition matters! It was good, old crap is worthless but old good stuff has value.

    It isn’t the oldest comic book… or the oldest story… but almost every comic book that has followed it was kicked-off by this book… so it redefined comics in a way that even the predecessors did not.

    It’s rare… from a time where even high print-run comics were destroyed or not taken care of or were recycled during WWII… so it is sought after and hard to find in any condition.

    I don’t know if it is “worth” multi-millions… but I can easily say IF any comic book is, this would be the one.

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  3. This is just so annoying, why couldn’t it be Fathom #1, Ascension #1, Blackhawk #4 or even Web of Spiderman #1 or Dawn#1 or the hundreds of other comics I collected when younger thinking they would be worth something in my lifetime. Curses

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