Are You Ready for Ant-Man, Marvel’s Latest Franchise?

Marvel is the undeniable King of the hill when it comes to superhero films currently. With the unrivaled success of their shared cinematic universe, it’s no small wonder other companies are jumping into the ring. Marvel has an impressive head start, and an even more loyal fan base. The company clocks in at ten films thus far, and each have a higher Rotten Tomatoes approval average than the 1 DC shared universe film. Can Marvel keep up their quality of entertainment? Well, in the next five years alone 11 more films are scheduled to hit theaters.

2015’s big release for Marvel is the Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron. But hot on its heels rides a new franchise, Ant-Man. They’ve finally released the first official poster. And you might have to squint.


Ant-Man arrives on July 17th, and the first scheduled trailer should land tonight during the Agent Carter premiere. Watch this space.

14 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Ant-Man, Marvel’s Latest Franchise?

  1. From Blade to Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel has done really well with bringing D down to Z list characters to life in cinema, so Ant Man in principle seems like a good bet. Personally I think it might not do Guardians type business, but if it’s tied into the same overall continuity- it’s guaranteed bankable, and if it isn’t amazing, we all move on to the next film / tv / netflix “comicbook” that is… 🙂

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  2. Howdy,

    “Ant-Man”sounds similar to “Mant”, which appeared briefly in the much-underappreciated, very funny film “Matinee,” with John Goodman, about 20 years ago.If you haven’t seen it, please consider doing yourself a favor and watching it.

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  3. you know what I don’t get… like didn’t Ant-Man create Ultron… so how is it that movie is coming out after the Age of Ultron one… is it going to be like a flash back to show how it all came about or are they just ignoring the connection altogether? or is the Ultron movie going to be what introduces him?

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    1. There’s been a bunch of conjecture on that. Most believe he will be subtly mentioned in Avengers as helping design him, but I believe Stark will take the blame for Ultron.


  4. Personally, I’m really excited for this movie. I’m hearing a lot of complaints that Ant-Man, of all characters, is getting a movie and I’m not sure why. He may not be the best character, but can you imagine how cool a size-changing fistfight is going to look?

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