Doctor Who: Seasons of War – Watch This Excellent Fan Film

Perhaps one of the greatest modern introductions to the Doctor Who canon was John Hurt as the War Doctor, the previously unknown incarnation of the Doctor sitting snugly between Paul McGann’s 8th Doctor and Christopher Eccleston’s 9th. He’s the Doctor that fought in the Time War, a period in which we know little to nothing about. We get brief mention of it here and there throughout New Who, but besides the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, we’ve get nothing concrete. Until now… Sort of.

This unofficial fan made film serves to give us something a little extra – delving into the years of the War Doctor, and how traumatic a time period it was for him.

There’s plenty of great little touches they added to the film to give it the gravitas it needed without being too campy. The Dalek eyestalk telescope, the powerful score, a cameo from the Corsair. Cool stuff. But my favorite bit is the fact that they purposefully abstain from saying “the Doctor.” It’s implied, sure, but it holds weight far better having gone unspoken. Hope you enjoy.

This film is only half the battle though. Seasons of War is also an anthology of thirty short unofficial stories that span the events within the Time War. It’s a donation based collection raising money for Caudwell Children, a charity that provides support for children with physical disabilities and learning difficulties. As of this post they’ve far exceeded their goal of £3000, which is really great to see. You can grab this in eBook now by donating – all proceeds going to Caudwell Children – or preorder to receive a physical copy in the near future here.

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Seasons of War – Watch This Excellent Fan Film

  1. They should totally do something more about that time in the TV show… if just to see John Hurt again… but this is an awesome short film… and you’re right they did just the right amount of touches so you know what it’s about without really going into overkill…

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  2. Hi, Just a few corrections. Most importantly, by donating you receive the Ebook. Not a physical copy. The Ebook is released tomorrow, available only to those who have donated via (the physical copy, released by Chinbeard Books is released later and will be available for pre-order shortly, with ALL profits going to the charity) Secondly, there are more than 5 stories in the anthology. There are 30.

    All the best,
    Declan May
    Editor, Seasons Of War

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