Jenna Coleman Is Officially Leaving Doctor Who

Since her surprise early arrival in 2012’s Asylum of the Daleks, Jenna Coleman has been a primary fixture for the longrunning series. She’s been the official companion during the 50th anniversary celebrations, she’s worked alongside the two most recent Doctors, and she’s saved just about the rest. And now it’s the Impossible Girl’s time to pass the torch on to the next companion(s).

The BBC have officially confirmed her departure from the series yesterday. On the departure, Coleman had this to say: “It was emotional but it’s been in the works for a long time. Steven [Moffat] and I sat down a year ago and decided the best way to tell the story and that’s what we’ve done.”

The notion of her leaving has long been in the making, as she mentions. The emotional finale of Series 8 teased the possibility, and it’s my opinion that that was supposed to be her original departure. However, they’ve chosen to prolong her stay. Interestingly the official BBC site states she’ll be leaving during Series 9, and not at the end of it. This could be a hint that the final episode(s) won’t feature her.

Doctor Who Series 9 begins… OMG. Doctor Who is on TODAY.

Potentially HUGE spoilers from here on out.

Stop Reading NOW!

The Mirror, an oft-wrong British tabloid, stated (just moments before the official statement) that Clara Oswald actually dies in episode 10, Face the Raven. That is given some credence by the fact that the next episode, Hell Bent, is rumored to be a companion free episode. However, take this news with a huge pinch of salt. If this is the case, it’ll be the first case of a companion ACTUALLY dying since the 2005 revamp. Rory doesn’t count.

6 thoughts on “Jenna Coleman Is Officially Leaving Doctor Who

  1. hello geekritique its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez clara is okay but she is not his fayvrit kompanyon of the noo seereez i happen to no his fayvrits ar the ponds hooever they ar!!! persunally i do not see wot is so speshul abowt a kuple of time traveling smal bodies of water but wotever dada!!! ok bye


  2. Hopefully they will do it well, whatever they do. I actually like Jenna Coleman, and Clara grew on me a bit… but she has been yet another modern companion written to be somehow more important than the Doctor, which always perplexes me. Since this is a known deal during the season, I wonder if they already brought in a new companion by the end of this series (or the upcoming Christmas special) OR if they will push that off to series 10. All that said… I do kind of miss the days when we didn’t know quite so much about TV shows this long before they air.

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  3. Sad that my initial reaction is “Oh thank heavens, I can stop reading all the ‘Clara has to go!’ carry ons from a certain section of DW fans.”

    Personally, I loved last season, and its contrast between Clara attempting to have a ‘normal’ life and the Doctor, and the Doctor not really getting it.

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  4. I’m hearing that she was originally to depart at the end of the previous season, then changed her mind and was to depart after Last Christmas, then changed her mind again (explaining the weird ending). Episode 11, which I think is Heaven Sent, apparently doesn’t just have no companion, but no other characters except the Doctor. Maybe he goes into a meditative state after losing Clara, leading into the two prologues. Plus, Face the Raven’s description says that not everyone makes it out alive, so it’s either her or Rigsy. Hell Bent’s synopsis also says the Doctor’s hearts are broken when something’s taken from him, and something to do with a confession… like the confession dial in the Prologue?

    Maybe I’m looking too much into it.

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