Are There Hidden Planets in Star Wars: Uprising’s Map?

So here’s a funny thing. Last night I discovered something rather interesting when I opened up the map of the 5 playable planets in the Anoat Sector which is part of the much greater Outer Rim of the Galaxy. Well, I say 5, but Bespin is a tease because I’ve beat the full story mode and still haven’t been able to do anything on Bespin. Oh well.

Anyway. Something was visible in the background of the map, some script. I took a screenshot of my iPad and, after enbiggening it with my tablet magic, learned it was your typical Star Wars ‘Aurebesh’ script, which is the alphabet used in the ‘Galactic Basic Standard.’ It turns out to be very similar to the alphabet we use. You may need to turn your brightness up to see them.

Notice the Aurebesh floating around really faintly between the planets? I don’t remember ever seeing this, and I’ve been playing a lot these past few weeks looking for clues and Easter Eggs. Unless I just missed something obvious, this is new. Maybe it showed up when I reached level 40, the level cap, a few days ago. Perhaps it showed up once I finished the current storyline. But more likely it appeared with the v1.0.1 patch. Interestingly, the script is printed backwards, perhaps to make decoding harder? 

[UPDATE] – The Aurebesh text has indeed been there since launch.

Immediately my first thought was ‘could these be playable planets down the line?’ Or are they just part of the map, to help the star chart appear more accurate? From what I’ve deciphered, it could be a bit of both. Notice my translations in white below.

The ‘Ivax Nebula’ I’m pretty sure is just part of the details of the map, denoting a large portion of the many star systems within. But the rest – Ison, Ione, Anantapar, Allyuen, Varonat, and Tokmia – all appear to denote planets, unless they are referring to their individual star systems. To explain, let’s use Ione. Ione is a planet? Where is that planet found? The Ione System, or star system. The same goes for the other three potential planets that aren’t specified as systems.

So what does this mean? Is it just a tease at the larger Star Wars universe? Or are these planets going to appear in the game as a playable feature in the future? I really don’t know. But it’s curious these few were singled out, knowing that the Anoat Sector is chock full of planets and systems, let alone what the full Outer Rim Territory boasts.

We’ll be getting Bespin before anything else, rest assured. But I’m positive that won’t be the end of it.

An early beta image of the game gives us a glimpse of a world they were working on, but which didn’t make it into the initial launch. Delphon, which is near the Ison Corridor. Taken from v0.2. Delphon is not featured, even in the hidden Aurebesh, on the current map.


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