Watch the New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Now!

Oh. It’s here. Take my money…

A few notes:

  • Rey is descending into a Star Destroyer at the beginning.
  • It sounds like Lupita Nyong’o’s character telling Rey about how she must embrace the Force.
  • Then we have Han Solo telling Finn and Rey that all the stories are true.
  • Does that mean Rey isn’t a Solo/Skywalker?

Pre-order your tickets now! Just went to my local theater and they were nearly sold out.

9 thoughts on “Watch the New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Now!

  1. “Nothing will stand in our way. We will finish what you started.”

    And that’s what terrifies me about Kylo Ren. The First Order thinks Anakin Skywalker is a martyr. Every day, I see some form of subtle fascism. There are people who think the Nazis did nothing wrong, and will try it voice it constantly. And then there’s the way dictators are tolerated simply for peace, even though it’s inevitably going to cause more war. So when I see Ren genuinely believing that what the Empire did was good – blowing up Alderaan, religious persecution – it’s a reminder that this is all happening right now. There are people claiming to be Star Wars “fans” who don’t want black actors to be cast, or a female to have a major role, and think the diversity is a personal attack. But they genuinely believe they’re right to think that. The previous films were very black and white for me, but the way prejudice and extremism is being portrayed here, in that one line, immediately makes it the most powerful moment in the whole saga. I already had my tickets booked nearly nine hours ago. That’s why I hope this is as big a hit as possible – so that it can enlighten people to what’s happening around them; that terror is terror, and that maybe we need to be a bit less tolerant of sinister oppression.

    That’s unusually political for me, but science fiction is a very political genre. I only say this because it’s what that scene made me think, and the whole point of film is to make us question what we accept, and Star Wars – given to the right filmmakers – is a good way to do that.

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      1. But for the most part it just seems to provide a little more context to previously teased parts. We saw Finn walking around Jakku in a teaser, we see him crash land in this. We saw Finn and Kylo Ren square off in a teaser, we see Ren charge him in this. Stuff like that. There were a few interesting moments, beyond those, but nothing that I wasn’t already prepared for/expecting from what’s been teased previously, if that makes sense. I guess I expected them to tease a new facet to the story they haven’t touched on previously in their teasers – that didn’t occur.

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      2. I see what you’re saying. I have a feeling we know a lot more than we think we know about the individual pieces involved, and that we simply don’t know how they fit in the story. Except for Luke lol. They really are waiting to reveal him during the movie.


      3. Luke is actually at the centre of the biggest question I have for this movie – how do the Jedi fit into this movie, which they’ve clearly set years after A New Hope to compensate for the actors’ age? The fact that Han has to say the Jedi and Sith weren’t just legends isn’t promising. And we have no indication of what the First Order is doing – for all we know the war is still raging between the New Republic and the remnants of the Empire, and they’re fighting for the sake of the Empire, like the Jedi did for the Republic during the Clone Wars (strictly drawing from the trailer, and not using what we know from the canon books released so far.)


      4. I think that I was just stunned by how beautiful and filmic it all looks. It’s super vibrant, and clean, without losing its gritty realism.


      5. Oh, no doubt about that. It’s going to be everything that made folks hate the prequels, bahahaha. It’s going to be a pretty great movie based on that part alone – I can imagine how spectacular it’ll look in 3D.

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