Open Data for Neko Atsume!

I have a strange confession to make. I’m addicted to a mobile game called ‘Neko Atsume!‘ and I’m not particularly embarrassed by that fact. About a week ago my wife and several other friends and family members began playing the game, which translates from Japanese to ‘Cat Collector!’ and I thought it was an interesting concept. Basically, with in-game credits (in the form of silver and gold sardines) you buy goodies that cats like to play with and place them in your yard. You also leave food out. Eventually they come to play. And you just have to try and find all the possible cats the game has to offer. And it’s ridiculous. And cute. And time-consuming. And more than a little dumb.

Anyway, these different cats leave out different amounts of gifts (sardines), so that you can spend on other goodies. I’ve been gathering data on which cats give you what, and what goodies attract which. My goal was to graph and chart all of the games information (because everything I do nowadays is for the blog and I didn’t want to entirely waste my time), but it seems like plenty of players on the Neko Atsume! subreddit have already done just that. I probably will graph everything sometime down the line. But for now I want to publish all the data I’ve collected on the game so that others can use it freely.

Here’s a link to all open data I’ve collected thus far. I update it daily.

If you want in on the game yourself, grab it free on the App Store.

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